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My cat is sneezing and sick - Please help me.

my cat is one year old and is an indoor/outdoor cat who usually has A LOT of personality.  He has been sneezing and wheezing and meowing funny.  He acts like he doesn't feel well.  He also has one eye that he isn't opening and when I could look at it, it looks as if it is changing colors.  Please tell me how to make HamBone better.
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sounds very much like Hambone has the herpes virus, this flares when the immune system is weakened..
it can cause upper respiratory issues such as sneezing/wheezing/hoarseness  and mucous build up in the lungs(which can be dangerous)...IF  his nose is congested he will soon not want to eat and become very ill quickly.
this herpes will also spread into the eyes and become infected.....as it sounds like already has happened.
You really need to take this boy to a good Vet, he will likely need some antibiotic eye drops and perhaps an oral antibiotic if the Upper respiratory problem has become bacterial.
So please take him to a Vet before he gets sicker(and he will)...
Besides the antibiotic you also need to start him on some amino acid for his immune system..this stuff works wonders to help keep him from continually coming down with this all over again..
The Vet will have some he can sell you, or for an even more potent amount you can buy yourself thur a human Vitamin /Health foods store. I will give you a link so you know what it is......you can also order from this same place if not avail. in your location.Use 500mg for the first week than 250mg thereafter..you may need to use this on a permanent basis to keep him healthy...copy and paste this link.


just be sure when you buy a product that is FREE of all sugars/salts/gluten/starches/soy/preservatives etc., thats why I promote the one from Carlson Labs..its a SAFE one for cat use....good luck and keep us updated please!!!!!
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I apologize for taking so long to update you on HamBone's health.  First, let me thank you so very much for your advice.  HamBone is much stronger and doing so much better.  He's back to his lovey, silly self!  I'm still crushing the Lysine in his food every morning.  I think it's acting somewhat as a multi-vitamin for him.  Is that possible?  I mean, he just seems healthier and stronger.  Maybe it's just me....but thank you again!  :-)
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thx for the update....we seldom get those and they are so appreciated :)
I am also thankful to read Hambone is doing so much better, thats wonderful...yes the Lysine indeed acts as a vitamin..by stimulating the immune system, tell me what kind did you buy??? Lysine is usually in a powder or powder within a capsule therefore you wouldn't have to crush..just sprinkle on, but as long as you found a pure form even if its a tablet thats great...
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