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My cat is walking strange! Help

I noticed today that my 12 year old cat named Pumpkin was lying on my bed in a strange position.  Her butt was up in the air and her tail is curled over at the base of her tail, almost like female cats stand when they are in heat.  I pet her and she growled and hissed.  Then she jump off the bed and I didn't see her for a couple of hours.  Later when she did show up, her lower back is very low to the ground when she walks with her tail still curled and her gate is very slow and stiff especially on the right hind leg.  She doesn't want me to touch her or pick her up.  I did see her drink water and eat a little but other than that she doesn't want to move.  I am really concerned.  What could this be? Please help me!!  
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There's a couple of things this could be, especially given age. Unfortunately, most if not all should end up with a vet visit.

1st: Onset of Arthritis. Fairly self explanatory.

2: Some form of nerve damage/disorder, at the simplest a pinched nerve. If this was the case I'd have your checked for osteoporosis.

3: Slipped disk.

4: Oncoming neurological event (stroke).

5: Muscular (at the simplest, a pull).

you get the idea. Unfortunately, the growling could be due to pain, fear, or personality change from stroke. The raised tail position... could apply to any. I'm sure I'm leaving out possibilities, but I'm trying to stay simple!)

3 of these are treated with simple steroidal and the like. The others, it depends on occurrence and severity.
Which, in the end, means you should probably have kitty checked out.
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  Thank you so much for the information,  I will keep an eye on her.  If it is a stroke, is there other signs I should look for?  Thank you again for responding.  I've been freaking out.  I will get her to a vet ASAP.    
Did you find out what was wrong?  Our 12 yr old cat Gracie has the exact same symptoms.
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The only really obvious sign of stroke in a cat that's telling is an abrupt personality change. And that's assuming your cat isn't in pain and just p-offed because of that. Otherwise, short of seizures (which you haven't seen yet, but can start after a stroke), there's no way to be sure in the short term without testing. Good luck, and glad to help!
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Thanks again.
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