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My cat obsessively licks ME

My cat is going on two and ever since I got her when she was five weeks old, she has been obsessively licking my limbs, head, and sometimes stomach.  It's endearing, but she does it enough that I wonder if she's dehydrated or not getting enough salt or something.  I give her fresh water once or twice a day and feed her Natural Balance Alpha-Cat twice a day.  Should I be concerned?
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Ooppps. When i said that my vet told me my cat thinks he is weaning i meant to say "nursing" sorry about that!
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Awwe. It does sound like your cat was either taken away from its mom too soon OR too late- per my vet) My cat is now 7 and he does this to me. His name is Emmit, a himalayn. He will get in my lap, put his front paws on my chest and start licking my neck. I let him bc he is just adorable and i really dont mind. I finally asked my vet what this was all about. He told me my cat thinks he is weaning. Lol. After 7 yrs! Hopfully this is the same situation with your kitty. If so, no worries. But run it by your vet. My cat only licks on my neck. Good luck, im thinking/ hoping your cat is ok.
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She was weaned a little early -- five weeks.  And I do keep her water on the floor.  The reason I mentioned how often I give it to her is I noticed she's hesitant to drink it if it's not fresh.  
I don't really mind this behavior.  I just started wondering if it was a symptom of something bad.
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One of my cats does this too. Only, she'll lick your face, your arms, your neck, your hands, etc. Meanwhile she's standing on you giving you a big hug. It sounds cute, but it's actually really annoying. She has long hair and it gets up your nose and she won't stop licking unless you push her away. I heard that sometimes cats who were weaned too early do this, so maybe that has something to do with it. I think most cats do lick their humans a little bit (I even had a bunny that did it), but not to the extent my cat does!
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I wonder if it isn't a kind of nurturing thing.  Lucy will plop herself next to me and give herself a bath and then move on to me.  She's usually on my hands so when she gets obnoxious about it I start trying to grab ahold of her tongue.  It doesn't hurt her but she doesn't like it so she will stop.  She also has yucky breath so it's even grosser when she is close to my head.

On a rare occasion Oliver will start licking my hand and if I try to move it and he's not ready he grabs me and gives me love bites (kinda).
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I leave water down for my cat to get when she wants it, so it maybe she needs more, leave a bowl where you put her food, I have also heard they lick for salt but not certain .It could be an affectionate habit, .. .
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