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My cat walks around in circles

Shes two years old and has always walked around in circles, she will walk around us, an object or just nothing. And sometimes when shes doing she speeds up and goes faster. Shes a quite a bit crossed eyed so we're not sure thats not her problem. Its quite funny but sometimes you have to tell her to stop. Why do you think she might be doing this?
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Does it seem to be a normal walknig around in circles (for a cat) or an unusual, like obsessive behavior? (sealpoint siamese?)

BTW, Norman looks HUGE!!!
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You did not say how long she has been doing this.

Walking in circles is abnormal.  Causes can be many, she is not getting enough stimulation (anxiety), you have been using a 'laser' light to entertain her, she is depressed, she is having a health problem (I would check her belly for any firm lumps).

Laser light is very often a cause for this behavior.

I am not saying you are doing this, just stating a fact.

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She gets all the attention that she will allow us to give her. She follow me around the house, sleeps in my lap at night when I watch tv and than when I go to bed she comes in there get her loving and than sleeps with me. We don't play with her with a laser she probable wouldn't be able to follow it cuz shes crossed eyed.. I checked her belly no lumps.
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We have nine cats in total, four inside and five outside and shes the only one that walks around in circles. FYI Norman weighs 19 pounds hes one of the inside cats hes shy and only likes me. LOL
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It definately sounds like anxiety.  Even though you give him attention when he asks for it.

My suggestion would be to get some REAL catnip (not the **** you find at walmart).  You can get it in bulk (as much or little as you want) at most Health Food Stores.

He won't need much, just enough to relax him a little and start introducing new toys to play with...interactive toys for you and him.

Just because he follows  you around, wants on your lap and sleeps with you, doesn't mean he is getting the necessary interaction he needs.

Try it and let me know how it goes.
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Thanks for the info about the catnip i didnt know they had it at wholes foods, i will try and see if she likes that. I was thinking of growing her some today LOL..
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