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My cat will not grow

My cat called gizmo is not growing  I adopted her about  a year a go and she is not growing she should be full size now but she is the size of a six mont old kitten I went to the vet and they don't know what's wrong with her but they found out that she has asthma could that be why she is not growing  I really need to know if it it serious she means the world to me  so plz can u help me
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I know that Opus has alot of good allergy sites that may really help you.

For myself we stopped all smoking of any kind in the house, started using allergy free soaps and clothes softeners in the wash, changed the filters in the heating and cooling ducts on a more frequent schedule, kept the windows closed in the summer so dust and pollen would not blow in.  We also changed the foods we fed the girls to allergy free brands with no grains in the ingredients.

I would think that your vet would be able to guide you if a medicine might work to help Gizmo.

Wishing you the very best...
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Hi Bombay.

I love that name "Gizmo"!!!  Did they have an age for her at the adoption?
Heck , she could be 5 years old and just small. As long as her organs are in proportion to her size I would think it would be fine

There are cases where thee growth of the kitten stalls and brain and organs continue to grow and that will be fatal, since the pressure of the brain growth to skull size would be incompatible with life.  UGH! I know very sad, but it does happen.

There really is NO definitive  "full size" , so she may just be a little slow on the growth scale. As long as the organs are kept in proportion to the skeletal size the growth rate is secure.  Unlike some poor babies where their organs (especially the brain )continues to grow but the skull does not.  The pressure on the skeletal frame becomes fatal. UGH!  So very sad , but it does happen.  

My cat is 9 years old and weighed 6 1/2 lbs when I got her from rescue. She still looks like an adolescent in terms of size and weight. She has a lot of medical problems and asthma is one of them..........but she has been with me 5 years and has a wonderful full life.
People think she is small also.

Not sure the asthma would influence size (but the lung size would be compromised, and asthma can cause  some other medical conditions that a full medical check-up and blood testing may find that could contribute to her slow growth or inability to continue to grow.

If you have already had all tests done and the vet still does not know the WHY, then ask him if this will jeopardize her health in anyway. If asthma is all she has that is controllable with a Flovent inhaler.

Some theories on small cats is that they had their first litter of kittens at the earliest opportunity to get pregnant which would be about 6 months. Having kittens that young for some reason seems to halt continued growth in Some cats.

I would think if your vet does not think this is a life threatening condition, she will have a long and healthy life and be a senior in a kitten body...how many of us would like that , HUH!

Also their are dog breeds bred exactly for their diminutive size--it doesn't seem to effect them, because all their organs have developed in proportion to their size.

Hopefully Gizmo is just a tiny little girl.....but please discuss this with your vet to see what , if any problems ,it may cause.........And please keep us posted.

Best to you and Gizmo

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Thanks for the advice      
You liked the name gizmo thanks I also have 3 other cats  
My vet said she was 10 weeks when I adopted her I am so happy that you replied incase it was something serious  

Thanks to you and gizmo says thank you too  
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So, Bombay, does the vet think the fact she is small is something that will hurt her?

If you want to know a lot about Asthma, there is a Forum just for parents of cats with Asthma--Yahoo-Feline Asthma.
That is where I got all my info on this condition.

Do not let you Gizmo get steroid shots only the Asthma medicine Flovent that is given in an inhaler. Generalized steroid use is very bad for her other organs.

We WANT PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!  She sounds adorable, let's see the little doll!
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Wow, so there's a Forum at yahoo about feline Asthma?? I didnt know about ...Not needing at this moment but is also a useful info.Tks.
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Thanks for the advice everyone but I'm new to this organisation and I don't know how to post pics thanks for the advice
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She might just be small. I have two cats from the same litter, they are 9 years old. Lucy is 8 lbs, and Bella is around 16 lbs. Lucy did lose a little weight recently due to an illness but she has since gained weight back and is around where she was before she got sick. Being sisters from the same litter, you can see how cats can vary greatly in size for no reason at all.

Definitely see if the vet can give you a better reason if you think she may be sick, but if she seems fine she might just be a small cat.
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Thanks everyone I will go back to the vet
And see what they say
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A friend of mine has a cat who is only 5 pounds. She is 14 years old and not underweight, she is just tiny. Everyone thinks she is a kitten until they get a look at her eyes.
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Some cats are just small. I don't think there is anything to worry about. Are her legs short? She may have slight feline dwarfism.
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Hi Bombay,

Have you gone to the vet with Gizmo?  If so could you please let us know what he is thinking (the vet that is, not Gizmo, LOL)

Thanks, CML
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Hi the vet said that gizmo is just a small cat and I found out that her family
Was really small so she got it from her family but she is really cute when
She is tiny and I know you want pics of gizmo but how do I put pics up to
Show u
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On your profile page along the left hand side will be a link to your picture folder.  Click on the link that says Photos.

On the Photos page, there will be a button in the upper right cornet that says Upload Photos.  Click on that link.

Click on the little box that Says Browse.

Go through the folders on your computer for a picture to upload and click on it.

Next click the button that says Open in the lower right hand corner.

This will take you back to the photos page.

Click on the bar that says Upload Photo(s).

After several seconds, the picture will appear in you album.  You can click on the "Caption" underneath to create a label for the picture.

And there you are, repeat as needed.

If you would like to post a "Question" with a photo attached, there is a little blue prompt that says "Add Photo."  The procedure is similar to the above.
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Thanks I will put some pics up as soon as possible
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I'm curious to how much food Gizmo eats a day...6 ounces? 9 ounces? And is it wet or dry? Maybe she would eat more and get a little bigger if you tried switching her food or giving her more? Just a thought....but you did say you found out that her size is hereditary.
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My 2 and a half year old cat is the same size she was 2 years ago,today is the 6th of July and she's 3 on the 20th July and I don't think she will just randomly grow to a normal sized cat! What do I do. And one more thing why is she losing loads of her fur?
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