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My cat wont eat

I have a 15 yr. old cat that stopped eating last week and belching a lot.  Upon taking her in we discovered bloody gums and a horrible smell.  We were sent to an oral surgeon whom suggested extracting them all, however her creatnine, bun and phosphurus were 16.5 and up.  Off the charts.  All other tests within normal range.
Now, she had an xtray and ultrasound in Sept, after she had a bladder stone removed in surgery.  She did horrible from anesthesia and pain meds and we felt she would not make it.  She has strained to urinate ever since, and bears down.  Urinalysis negative back then as well as  ultrasound and xray. They felt just some lingering inflammation from surgery. She had lithiotrypsy in which they break up the stone with laser and remove via the urethra.  Here we are a few months later, still straining, no food at all.  We syringe fed her chicken baby food and tried everything.  She is on a phosphorus binder, pepcid, and baytril now since clavamox made her so ill.  She is not eating almost one week and i stopped force feeding her.  The stress too much.  We added the phosphorus binder just today but 1ml twice/day seems like a lot to me on an empty stomach?  Then pepcid and baytril.  Of course they want to do an ultrasound and xray to make sure no new stone but for one the expense, then teh stress on her yet MOST importantly she is not a candidate for surgery at all because also a heart issue, right ventricular hypertrophy and levels way too high.  So i am giving her subcu fluids 100ml once a day and just watching her sleep and do some mouth smacking.  Still drinking some water and added 1/4 of an amitryptiline every 3rd day to hope to increase appetite?  Doesn't seem like much.  So I am looking for any other options aside from stressful tests that we cannot operate for if a challenge.  She is older, I am realistic kidneys could just be failing but vet said levels of creatnine did not match up with other levels.  Please feel free to share.  Thank you
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