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My cats covered in white stuff?

So, recently I noticed my cat having some white stuff in her fur. Not all over, just on her back. What is it? How can I prevent it? Should I take her to the vet? She's about 1 and a half years old.
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Hello there,

Just finished reading your comments. So you said your cat has white
stuff on her back. Our male cat Sammy has white stuff on his back
too sometimes. He was recently to the vet about another issue.
We decided to ask our vet about this issue too. She said it's loose
skin or dried up skin flakes and that it's important to brush him at
least once a day. This will help reduce the skin flakes. I'm not sure
if this is the same white stuff you are talking about. If in doubt, it's
always best to take your kitty to the vet. Could you perhaps post a
picture of the white stuff on your kitty's back. I hope you find my
suggestions helpful.  Eve ( one of Sammy's caretakers)
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Eve is probably right with the dry skin flakes. Fashion dictates never  wear black if you have dandruff !!!

So if she is one of those sophisticated New Yorkers who love black, that is why you see it more. Is she Black??

Sometimes inside air with no humidity will cause these. It is usually just a seasonal thing. In addition to a good brushing every day, might want to try a little Vit E , better yet Fish oil mixed in with the wet food. I don't think that would hurt.

Good Luck and sure hope it is something as simple as dry skin.
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Hi, I agree w/ both CML and Eve that it might be dry skin.  But, another possibility is that, if she is a curvy girl(extra weight) and the flakes are only on her back, she may not be able to reach her back when she's washing herself.  My mom's cat is 3 yrs old and is dealing with that problem where he can't reach his back.  My mom will get a damp paper  towel and wipe his back and brush him.  That does seem to help a bit.
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Ill try and put a picture up! Thank you all so much for your comments. I actually do brush her everyday. I don't think its due to extra weight because she's average with her weight of 71/2 pounds. It could be that its just a bit more noticeable since she's a calico cat. Mostly black with dark/ other shades of brown on her back. I may take her to the vet and i'll definitely try out some of your suggestions!
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Let us know how how it goes.  Keep us posted.
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