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My diabetic female cat

I am looking for other cat owners who have experienced hypoglycemic spells with their cats. Tolday my cat was drooling and just not herself. I felt sure that she was on the verge of low blood sugar, so fed her. She didn't eat much, then went to lay down. A little while later she came back and ate almost all of her food, then I gave her her insulin shot. She still wasn't herself, but better than she had been. About a half hour later she came out to the living room and was back to her normal self.

I hope we interceded in a timely fashion, and was wondering if anyone else has had these experiences, or has advice on early detection and intervention.


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It sounds like you did a good job of staying on top of it. Just be careful of any supplements you use; some are contraindicated for use with diabetic cats.

If it recurs, you may want to have a rework done on your kitty's bloodwork. It may be possible you need to adjust his insulin level or diet.

Keep in mind the occurance could have actually been unconnected to the diabetes. You have to be very careful in assuming that any symptoms are related to an underlying illness like this. While it is likely that it was a diabetic episode, it's always a safe bet to keep your mind open to other possibilities!
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Sorry it took me so long to reply. I did take Sleepy into the vet, where he checked her general health and sugar level. He said that my son made a good call telling me to NOT give her her next dose of insulin.

He thought the condition may have reversed itself, but her blood sugar was still high enough to concern him. However, he did adjust her dose to once daily, and we will follow-up this week. She has been fine every since her check-up.

Thanks for the advice; our vet said the same thing about assuming it was due to the diabetes!
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I'm glad it worked out and I'm glad you came back.

Stop by anytime to ask or just hang about. We've got a great group here that's always willing to help out or just hang about and chat. :-)
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Sleepy continues to do well. They do want to recheck her urine in a month for safety's sake. She sleeps with me every night, and never lets me oversleep....especially so I won't forget to feed her and Mr. Jinx!

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That sounds like a good plan. It's nice to see a medical situation that resolved nicely.

If you haven't posted pix of Sleepy and jinx, we'd love to see them!  We also have a petslide show where we post pix of user's cats.

you get, as a prize for having things go so well... one small fuzzy kitten, who will be delievered by mail! (ground, i'm cheap that way. :) )

I tried e-mailing him but he won't sit still on the scanner. Who wants a blurry kitten?!?!

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