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My grandfather takes care of street cats outside home can I be exposed to rabies?

My grandfather takes care of street cats outside home and the cats lick his bare feet and he walks around the house bare feet and I just got wounded on the floor can I be exposed to rabies? Asking from Quezon City, Philippines. Please help I am scared that everything has rabies especially since I have lots of wounds on my hands and legs.
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No, that is not how you would get exposed to rabies. You would need to be bitten by an animal that has rabies.
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Rabies virus dies very fast outside of the body, as soon as the saliva dries or even before it dries. I wouldn't be scared of the floor, I would be more scared if your Grandfather sneezed in your eyes or into your open wounds, if he has it. And if he had it he wouldnt show symptom until 8 months in, and by the time they show symptoms, it is too late for them. And would leave you very little time to get the multiple rabies vaccine shots to have a high enough chance of survival. But I wouldnt worry about it, if he has been doing this for a long time, span of more than 2-3 years. If it is a new thing he is doing, and you have visibly seen rabbid animals around town more than once, then I would move away from him, if I could.
  Ask him if he is willing to get the rabies vaccines, because if he does get the Vaccines he will be immune for around 5-10 years, and safe to be around again.
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