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My kitten

I have 6 kittens and my youngest sister (she is 11) stepped on a blanket and she heard a crack and when she looked back one of the kittens was sitting there with a bloody nose and was pawing at its head. The mom of it was outside so we put the kitten in the room away from the other kittens and she cleaned it up and put it back under the bed now it barely moves it's head just little side to side motions.We don't have the money to bring it to the vet and it's too little to be taken away from its mother. What can we do?
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You have to get kitty to a vet, most will work with you on a payment plan...kitty has a head injury, maybe even a fractured skull and will likely die without help.
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YUP!!!! Pip is absolutely right. ASAP!  Emergency!!!  Somehow the payment will work out!!
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Kittens have feelings too, all animals do, please, if you care anything about the poor little thing, take her to the vet, she is suffering. Do it NOW!!!!!!!!!
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