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My older cat wants to eat all the time

I also have a 16 yr old cat who is hungry all the time. She used to eat dry food until she lost teeth thru the years & was eating whiskas pouches (i still mash it for her) until i ran out one day & gave her canned food in the interim...now she doesn't want the pouches so she eats the canned, fancy feast or friskies, I put about 1/2 a cup out at a time as i don't want my other cat to "steal it" or for it to dry out. She eats & about an hour later (sometimes sooner) wants more & this goes on all day up into the night even. She hollers all the time for food & it drives me crazy. She always has been vocal but this is getting really bad. She doesn't sound like she's in pain or sick as i know those sounds. She has pancreatitis but it hasn't acted up for awhile. She also has a problem with hair balls. She'll give that howl & moan & i know she's going to throw up. Always a good chunk of hair. This can't be good for her. I am on a fixed income & it's really hard to take her to the vet. Of course i do when it's absolutely needed like when the pancreatitis is active, but if i can find out why she's hungry all the time it would be so much better for us. I have had her since she was 6 months old & is a great part of my heart. Please help.
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hi, from reading your post and seeing that kitty is elderly, I would highly suspect Diabetes....is she also drinking alot?
I know how expensive Vets and testing is but I highly urge you to take kitty in if you can possibly do so....Diabetes is very common in elderly cats...
Could also be Hyperthyroidism in the case shes not over thirsty...but both need to be tested asap..
good luck to you both♥
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Good Lord!  I'm sorry you are having troubles with your kitty.  Truth is this: some animals, for some reason, do not know when to stop eating.  I recall one of my dogs ate 3/4 of a large bag of dogfood one day and he threw up food for hours after, then wanted more food.  I don't claim to understand this.  But I do know how much food is healthy for my dogs and my cats to eat.  The average cat should eat a cup of food a day.  This can be split into 2-3 'meals' if desired.  But I don't guess this will make your kitty happy.  And you cannot continue to over-feed her.  I suggest giving her a single teaspoon of her food when she starts to drive you nuts.My thinking there is that maybe controlled 'snacking' instead of regular meals will work for her.  I hope this helps.  Blessings for you and your kitty - Blu
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2 of mine are permanently hungry - the other is "anorexical" sometimes.That's the way things are ;-)
They are young, however.If you're cat is not a clinical case ( as Opus said -you better check that)  theres not much to do except control her feed and try to find something that please her as much as food or so.
Maybe she's just needing more attention, try to be near and cuddle or play with her.If works, you still have a problem ( not ever we are in the mood for, specially in the late night/early mornings)
You can use those moments to brush her - it will for sure help with the fur ball issues.If she likes, she will be calmer, if not, she maybe stop meowing for you to get away...
Cats are smart enough to associate things, positive or negative.
Good luck!
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thankyou all who answered my problem. All very good ideas...one of my friends suggested the diabetes thing so I will take her & get her tested. I am not sure if she drinks a lot as i have never been able to see that but i know that she has never really drank a lot unless she could drink from the running tub faucet. I was worried she wasn't drinking water so I bought one of those bubbling fountains for cats as someone said they like moving water which is why she got in the tub all the time. But I still haven't been able to catch her drinking. She's very mysterious about it! Whatever I find out i will pos  let you know. Thank you all very much!
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Hi, just wanted to pipe in that if she has diabetes and hyperthyroid disease( which I agree could be possibilities), then there would also be weight loss along with being extremely hungry all the time!

Have you noticed any weight loss?  What about more frequent bowel movements which would point to hyperthyroid disease?
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Just to answer you quickly...no...there's no weight loss & bm's have been the same.
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Hi, I would watch her like a hawk to get an idea of how much water she's drinking, that will also give you an idea of what to tell the vet when they ask you.  I also think that she could still have hyperthyroid disease, as well, despite normal BMs.

Good luck at the vets!  I wish you both the best.

PS-I think you are doing a good thing by feeding her separately from your other cat!  
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I must say, this is a wonderful on-line community with so many caring people...thank you all & i appreciate everyone's advice & opinions! Remember to love your 4-legged creatures! <3
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