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Neen'oil to combating fleas ?

The idea just pooped in my mind suddenly.
I remember reading something about NEEN's oil a long time ago as well as listened an orchids producer praising the product for use in gardening.
For sure I have to search more but I wanna know if someone here already did this search and/or tried this product.
If I'm not mistaken we have some member addept of alternative ways here, maybe s/he can help me
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I don't know anything about this product.....but please don't use any garden product on the cats!!! this could be very harmful to them....NEVER TRY anything like this without getting alot of information first please.
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Dont worry dear,Im not thinking in use gardening products in animals.There are many diferent products made with neen,including especific ones for dogs and cats, as shampoos,sprays or even the use of leaves tea, as you can find on a fast google search - I'm still in the process
NEEN'S leaves are not toxical,they are used for humane culinary as well- this I already knew.There are  medicines,also
From what I get til know oil can be not so good for cats as it is for dogs cos it sometimes came added to other products with some toxity
I will put  links here when possible
Here goes the first,take a look
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I will have problems in getting those damm leaves, however ...
Could not find them at the natural products shop,someone suggested ask at a veggie restaurant...
Just asked an Indian woman that I know ( tree is quite popular in India, as you could see later on) but she also had no idea about what NEEN was :-)
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You'll see many claims for the effectiveness of Margosa oil (neem). However, there is also literature to suggest that it is toxic to cats, including a report from Britain that reported 10 or so deaths.

It does not seem to be on the FDA's list of approved drug products for animals.

Does it work? Maybe. Can it be safely applied? Maybe.

However, just because a product is "organic" or "natural" doesn't mean it is safe and non-toxic.

Maybe you could ask the question of a Medhelp vet.
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