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Neuter my male kitten

Neutered my three-month-old male kitten 12  days ago was very active untill 3 days ago,
Lays around and sleeps alot, does not play any more, stills eats when hungry. Purrs alot,
Is there something wrong or is this normal.
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so how long ago was he neutered? 12 days ago and the lethargy has only been the last 3 days?....if he was acting normally for 9 days following the surgery, than I don't think theres anything to worry about

its normal to be lethargic for a few days following any type of surgery

but cats should rebound within 2-3 days

always best to phone the Vet/clinic who did the surgery and ask them or request a post surgical consult..there should be NO charge for this!!!!

good luck
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Thanks for your comment, he did come out of it in 3 days.

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Hi Millerdebram,

Well that would worry me. I mean it is natural to be like that after surgery...but you say he was very active right after surgery and just now--three days ago---has become very lethargic. That is kind of the reverse of how it should be, right? For a kitten not to play is not normal.

Like Opus suggested, I think you need to have a post-op consultation with the vet who did the procedure....just to be sure . I am assuming his stiches have healed nicely and there is no sign of infection?

Please let us know what the vet says, K?

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Hi, I would call your vet and tell them what's going on. It might actually be that his hormone levels have come down and he's more calm now, since it's been 12 days.
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OOOOO!  Good thinking!
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When we had Miss Cerridwen spayed after we rescued her, she'd just come out of heat.  Took almost a month for all the hormones to work their way through.
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