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New baby, Long question

So I have the most precious cat in the world. ;) LOL Anyways, I'm also 38weeks pregnant. My whole pregnancy I've spent with my cat while my boyfriend goes to work all day. She's beyond attached, I found this out while taking a couple trips during my early pregnancy to see my family, that she does not take me being gone very well. She waits by the door and doesn't eat every time I've gone away. I'm not really worried but more than less curious about how will she act toward bringing a new baby in the house? She's like my right hand man, she's always beside me no matter where I'm located in the house. She sleeps curled up next to my belly every night. She watches me use the bathroom and take my shower. She's like a baby herself. I'm just wondering if she will respond to my attention being guided somewhere else? And how will she take that? Has anyone gone through this before?
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Here is what can happen when a well-loved cat has to deal with the arrival of a well-loved baby.  1.  She thinks it over.  2.  She decides *she* isn't going to be the one who is leaving.  3.  She copes.  4.  She kind of likes the baby.  5.  She likes the baby a lot.  (See photo.)

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I think it will all depend on making sure you provide her with enough attention once the baby comes and make her feel involved if she wants to be. I was concerned about her not eating when you leave and wanted to tell you to pay special attention to her appetite and litter box when the baby comes because cats can have a serious condition known as hepatic lipidosis if they don't eat in as little as 24-48 hours! She may be just fine with the transition, but keep a look out!
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I will definitely make sure she get's Lots of loving too. I've stopped taking trips that last require me to be gone more and two day's, I am concerned about leaving when I have the baby though. I'll definitely keep a look out and do all that, that you said. Thank you.
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That's precious !!!!!!!!!!
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Glad you liked it.  Did you see the other one, where the two of them are eating at the same table?  


The only thing you might wonder if your cat is so worried when you are away that she sits by the door, doesn't eat, etc. is if she is being well treated in your absence.  There are some pretty high-end cat boarding places around, the kind where the kitties watch bird videos on TV and go in and outside in enclosed spaces.  Maybe you could arrange for your kitty to visit the spa when you go into labor.
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LOVE your first answer!!!!  Pictures are darling!!!

OP...Best of luck!!
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