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New born Kittenss have a very importannt question.

Since yesterdayy my new born kittens (1 wk old) have developed a Cold type thing, one sounds like it is trying to bring up a hair ball, and the other sneeze type thing, the mother is still feeding themmm, but its kinda worrying was we duno what to dooo, except see a vet which we are doing,

What could this be and would it kill our Kittens

Thanks xx
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The most important thing right now is taking them to the vet. If the kitties do in fact have a cold, it is possible they may not make it, but thats not for sure. 1 week old kittens have little to no immune system so unfortunately once they get an illness, their body is not always able to fight it. But the fact they are with their mom is really good. I would get a vet to check them out as soon as possible and see what they say.
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Most likely it is URI (upper respiratory infection), very common in cats and kittens under stress and highly contageous to other cats/kittens.  In other words, if one kitten developed it, the others will get it.  The good news is that if treated appropriately, it is rarely life threatening,.  The vet will probably prescribe a course of antibiotics.  It is also important to make sure the kittens stray warm.  Kittens aren't born with a fully functional immune or metabolic systems and it takes a few weeks before they are able to regulate their own body temperature, so the ambient temperature needs to be about 90 degrees.  Also make sure that they continue to suckle.  If not you may need to force feed them.
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The thing is we checked properly and One has it...
Like it has something stuck in its throat?..

The cat had them under a small table apro half a meter away from a radiator and behind my sofa we put a blanket down incase it was something off the floor that may have got stuck somehow, They are all suckling inc' the one with the 'cough' although sometimes we have to put it on the nipple of my cat but we stroke her first and she HASNT disowned it..

It's just scaryy.

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I know how worrisome and frustrating it can be to have a sick kitty.  It sounds like you are doing all the right things.  What did your vet say?  It could be that the one kitten has some kind of esophogeal defect that it was born with.  Are the other kitties showing the same symptoms?  How many are there?  It sounds like they are staying warm enough and not in any king of draft.  I hope your vet has seen them and gotten to the bottom of their plight.  
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there were 4,.. and no not that we know of... Its hard to tell they are all shuffling aroundd....
They are seeing the vet in about 2 hrs...
It just sounds like something is stuck in its throatt....

I dontt want it to die haha
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