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Newborn kitten troubles

My partner and I have taken in abandoned kittens x2 who are less than a week old. They are 4 days old and though they are eating more and more each day (25ml her today, 19.3 him) they are not gaining any weight! She has been 94 grams for pretty much the whole time and he's dropped from 106 to 96 in two days. We try to keep them warm and aim to feed them every 3 hours, they usually take 2-3ml per feed. They had fleas but that has been fixed. They also don't poop very much. He cries like mad when I try to stimulate him anus as if it hurts. I toilet them after every meal and they both pee heaps. They are both very active, a lot more so than I would expect at this age and both have a good cry though she is louder. They love to cuddle and push each other around. I wake in the night once to feed them around 2am. We know they might not make it. We're phoning the vet tomorrow but I wanted to see if anyone could help me first.
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good for the both of you taking on this overwhelming task of caring for these two little critters, they DO have a very good chance at survival...I hope a member Bkitty will respond, she has successfully raised 3 little ones...who are now abt 6 weeks(sorry not exactly sure of the age)....
Your Vet will be more able to tell you why they aren't gaining...are you feeding the KMR formula? they do need this formula high in calories to gain.
I will send you a webpage with tons of info on hand raising kittens, but I do hope you follow thru with your plans to have them Vet checked today...I wish you all the very best and hugs to those dear little kittens, please drop back in and keep us updated often ♥

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Hi and Welcome! I recently have just raised newborns too. And its a lot of work but do-able and rewarding. Are you using the KMR formula? I started with the powder but switched to the pre made as it was so much easier but a lil more expensive. I always stimulated prior to feedings and afterwards. I know my one kitty had to have just a teeny amt of lube like pea sized because he was constipated and it really helped.( I rubbed it on his tongue-small amt vasoline) Feed them in an upright position,,as then can get colicky and it ensured that it was going down the right tube. Keeping them warm is also important they cant regulate their temps yet. I used hot water bottles and a heating pad on low. Its also always better to slightly under feed them then over feed them. I had trouble with the nipples on the bottles and had to use a syringe a lot. I got some premie newborn baby bottles from the vet-evenflo and they worked good too.They need to be fed every 2 hours. 10 feedings total throughout the day. Approx 30-32ml per kitten/day. They also do need to be burped. It sounds like you are doing great but they should double their weight in the first 2 weeks~maybe feed them every 2 hours instead of 3. Yes they don't like to have their anuses stimulated~My one kitten Peaches would go nuts! They may be a lil dehydrated but that can easily be fixed at the vets with a bolus of fluid. It is good they are active! You don't want them lethargic. I hope this helps some!! Let us know how they are doing!! (((hugs)))~Bkitty
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Thanks for responding guys, today has been better, they are crying for food so we've upped it to 2 hourly and I snuck them onto the scale a little early and was ecstatic to see them both crack 100grams!!! They've been very playful today, both trying to sit on each other :p I am feeding them the powdered formula from the vet. I syringe feed them with them on all 4s, the vet told us all about the risk of aspiration. Thry like to have a nipple on te end of the syringe. I've tried burping them and its impossible!!! Any advice would be great, I pop them up on my shoulder and gently pat or rub but they get all excited and climb up my body to sniff my ear/neck/hair...
He still hasn't pooped though she has today so fingers crossed it keeps improving. :D
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That is great!! Ya the burping was hard too! I swaddled them and put them on my shoulder and pat pat pat patted until my fingers were blue! Sometimes I didn't hear a burp but could feel/hear movement in their bellies and that was all I did. You may need to try some kind of lubrication if he doesn't go potty. HIs tummy would also get bloated and tender. You are doing great! I know how hard it is! Mine are about 6~7 weeks now and don't wanna be held anymore-they are too busy playing and exploring!
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My little girl seems to have a sore throat today. She was meowing a LOT over the last day and had a 6ml feed at 9am and it seems between then and now her meow has come to be a little scratchy and have a lot less volume. I did just wake her up but usually that doesn't make a difference to her... Is the meowing hurting her? Actually come to think of it, she gagged on the syringe on her morning feed, she gt a little enthusiastic and jumped at it, sending it down her throat. Could she have scratched her throat? She only took 2ml at the last feed which is a tiny feed for her. Is it possible that she isn't eating as much because she's hurt herself? Poor girl. Oh and both did a big poop today :D
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yeah on the poop!!!

go careful on the big gulps hon, they can easily aspirate into their lungs and get pneumonia....that would cause some hoarsness and weak meows...make sure they suck slow not quickly and are swallowing properly.
no its not the meows hurting her...so keep a watch on. I know this is tons of work and so much to be careful of, you are doing an awesome job !!!!!
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I'm not sure how to control how fast she swallows? I release the fluid from the syring very slowly, that's why she dove at it. Luckily i keep a grip on her or she would have tried to swallow the whole thing! I'm very cautious about aspiration risks, the vet said she's just scratched herself and will heal in no time, suggested we might have to move her on to the battle to keep her happy! Even though she is only 6 days old. I'm just amazed they've lived this long :)
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You will be surprised how resilient lil kittens are! Im glad they pooped! I know its hard to control sometimes how fast they take in the milk I struggled with that too. You are doing great!
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My one kitten Elmo used to meow really loud too and now I can barely hear him-Its like his throat is weak.
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