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Noisy breathing and sneezing

I have a 14  year old Persian,female. I have noticed lately that she is sneezing a lot and her nose is very stuffy and breathing very noisy. I'm wondering if this could be a result of the pushed in nose that Persians have? I do clean her eyes and tried to clean her nose, to no avail. I would appreciate any suggestions.
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hi, unfortunately persians and other cats with the 'peeked nose' are very prone to noisy breathing and all the problems that go along with it..
such as Upper Respiratory Infection or URI.


this can become bacterial and therefore require antibiotics....especially if she isn't eating llike she should or showing signs of a fever. I would take her in for a good Vet checkup and medications if needed.
I would also strongly suggest you start her on an Amino Acid supplement L-LYSINE..asap....this strengthens her immune system to help fight off these URI's.
Your Vet will have some there at the clinic, however its much cheaper and better quality to buy the Human form yourself thru a good Vitamin supply store or Health food store. I order mine online from iherb. its the cheapest place I've found and the best quality. If you buy a different brand just be sure its FREE of sugar,salt,starch,corn, soy,wheat, yeast and preservatives...than it will be safe for cat use.


good luck, keep us updated...I want to see your kitty get some treatment before this gets alot worse...♥
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sorry forgot to add. the dosage for L-lysine is 500mg for the first week than 250mg thereafter...its in powder form and you just need to mix in with her canned food..
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Thanks so much for the info. I have made an appt. with the vet for next week and will let you know what happens. Her eating habits haven't changed and she is behaving normally. She's a very feisty cat, unlike Persians and can be difficult when it comes to grooming etc. Hopefully if she needs meds , she won't put up a lot of resistance!
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