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I just adopted a little male orange tabby kitten.  He's 4-1/2 months old.  When I sit down to eat a meal, any meal, he decides to jump next to me, I mean right at my elbow, and acts as if he's interested in what I'm eating and also acts as if he wants some of what I'm eating.  No, I don't give him any.  Does anyone else have this going on?  
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What is he getting for his own dinner?  Sometimes if a cat's diet is a little imbalanced,  he gets more interested in begging.  (I once knew someone who was feeding her cat only hamburger, and that was not enough veggies and other elements, so the cat begged all the time.)  If that is not the problem, you could feed the cat just as you sit down to eat, so he could eat his kibbles and you could eat in peace.
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It could also be from where he lived before you got him.
I let my cat see what i am eating and he will usually walk away. It is more of a curiosity thing
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I've had all five of the cats I live with want to see what I was eating out of curiosity.  I have to watch out though because if it's something they like they begin trying to eat it I guess because they all used to be feral.
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Hi, the kitten I just adopted does the same thing.  He is only about 8 wks old and very thin, but he wants whatever we have.  I tell him no, firmly.  He's pretty insistent but I don't give in.  Sometimes I banish him to the bathroom where his food is and where he spends the night.  I was just wondering if anyone else was having this same problem.  I don't know his real history.  I've been given conflicting stories.  He's a very loving cat and I don't want to punish him when he's just acting hungry.  I usually do give in and give him treats, but now he's begging in the kitchen for treats.
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I give him his Purina Cat Chow and his bowl is pretty much full all the time, so it isn't that he doesn't have food.  At this point, I think he's just curious.  He was in a shelter before I adopted him.
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Well you know he isn't hungry. He might grow out of it or he might just always want  to know what you are eating. Cats are funny animals.
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linda, my cat was adopted from the Humane Society and is healthy except for being thin.  I just bought a second kind of food and am mixing it with the other.  He is eating pretty good and now everytime I eat something I give him a few of his chicken temptation treats and that is helping some.  I think he just has to learn about boundaries.  I don't let him get on any tables in case someone has a drink or food on there.  He's learning but I'd forgotten how much time and energy a single kitten takes.  Wheeew!
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He is a very curious little guy!  Sweet too.  He loves to be loved on.  I've noticed that since I've adopted him, he seems to be gaining some weight.  He doesn't look as skinny as he was 2 weeks ago.  
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Awwww...that's so sweet.  You know, they really do thrive on love, don't they?  
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Yes it is very normal.  Kittens are children.  They are naturally active and curious.  They jump and climb and turn anything into a toy, including your dinner.  If you consistently and immediately remove him from the table and set him on the floor, he will eventually realize that your dinner is not a toy and not nearly as interesting any more.
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My kitten, Dudley, is one of my children.  Only he has 4 feet, fur, and a tail!  He's very curious, very much like a child.

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