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Not sure if the Vet is right?

I have Houdini a 2 or 2 1/2 old cat who use to be a stray who we took in. he is very sweet and loves to be with people. I noticed 4 stand out things when we first found him was when he jump off of somthing her does not jump like a normal cat. he jumps all fours same time and you hear like a thump that cause they hit same time and he walks like a snake plus he will let you pet his stomac but to pick him up he make a mouse squeak so ihold him under the arms and support his back legs to pick him up now. I asked the vet The answer to the jummping and waking is he in more muscle the fat or flab so when he jumps it will do that. The stomac she saw for he self and she said it was normal i showed another vet they said it is ok. One thing that they havent seen cause he is awake there is he sakes in his sleep and his face moves and stomac moves and shakes so much off things in his sleep he has fell off things. When this has happend i have tried to wake hime up and he dosn't for maybe 25 to 35 seconds or when he shakes he will falls and not wake up for maybe 30 seconds/ one vet said they dream so they move in there sleep completly normal like a dog she said im just scared of a seziures  don't know his past history i just know when we found him he had a bad upper respitory were he was sneezing blood and needed 3 diffrent medicine for 3 weeks.              

I just had a bad past experice with a vet were the removed a tummor from my dog and we broght him back, telling them hes not acting him self they said he was fine, we broght him back again said he wasn't acting hime self they said he was fine, the third time he couldn't walk they took a x-ray of were the old tummor was by chance got a picture of his spine a took one of that and he had 4 to 5 tummors on his spine and to his brain the vet thinks. We told them he wasnt acting fine Or with another vet who said a ferreet was sick with a enlarge spleen and probly has cancer so we should put her down so we brought her to a special list and said ferrets have enlarge spleens and he size she was a smalled ferret so it made it look big this was 5 years ago and she is still alive and playing like a baby going on 9 yeard old. She i have a hard time trusting vets after those 2 times.

So would you be worried if it was your cat or litsen to the vets it they say its ok.? Just the shaking gets me real worried and the jummping problem and sensitve tummy, and not sure if snake walk is hip problems from jumping.
but saw 3 vet a said ok. Am I too Worried ?
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hi...is there anyway you can take a video of your kitty when its asleep and gets these shakes? if a Vet saw exactly what you meant than perhaps they would be more likely to give a correct diagnosis....I'm not a Vet, but this indeed sounds very much like seizures to me. as far as the snake walk, not sure what you mean....does he drag his legs??? again a video would be helpful...good luck, let us know okay♥
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I know exactly what you mean with the 'snake' walk and the shaking.  My sisters cat is exactly the same, and we have a few neighbor cats in that shape as well.  I want to say "Hip Dysplasia" but I am unsure if that only happens to dogs or not.  My sister has never taken her cat to the vet unfortunately, so I can't even pass on any info.  I Have seen this cat asleep, and she shakes a little then too, but not to the extent you are talking about.  This all sounds like a neurological disorder for sure.  I would go with a second opinion.  

Opus gave you great advice as far as showing a video to your vet.  You could take it with your cell phone even, right? (I don't have a cell is why I am unsure).
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That is a great idea about the video i will do that. The snake walk though he does not drag his legs hes on all fours and moves his body in the way a snake would.
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I will try to get it on video. I am not sure what happens if it is neurological disorder. Can that be helped by medicine?,If it was the case for him?. Do you know if seziures can cause behavior changes in a cat? too. My mom says his mood is a little diffrent. He is scared to be alone, well not so sure scared but dose not like to will find the only person in the house and follow them. She says he gets mooddy for no reson and will attack your feet if you just stand there and don't move if your talking to someone. He has done that to me alot, i use to think because no sock or shoes. She thinks theses are new because he is doing it more and to some strangers. Plus he gets frisky for a few hours a day runs up and down the house and starts to pant. These are some what old, but some what alot more now.

What other Neurological disoder is there other then just seziures. Is there a certin vet i should look for if my cat is shaking to rule out neuro problem.
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It is really impossible to even guess at what could be wrong.  We are all just pet owners like yourself.  Being that your kitty is a stray, he could of been hit by a car at some point giving him a head injury.  You would want to see a Neuro specialist.  Just like humans, there are specialists for animals, as well.

We have an "Ask a Vet' forum and I'll give you the link.  Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me figure out where the Post a Question button is, otherwise, I would link you up straight to it.  Opus??  

This link is to the forum itself.  Best of luck...

http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Animal-Health---General/show/112  ;
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yes its very important you get a video so the Vets you see will listen to you...there is definitely something not right with your kitty and it does sound very much like seizures or some neurological problems...has your kitty had vaccinations? had any history of a head injury?
with seizures it can be quite common to have a personality change before/or after a seizure. I could also understand why he is showing signs of fear...he is feeling something is wrong too..and is afraid.

I will send you a link to more info on cat seizures...be sure to read all 3 pages. if this is whats wrong its very treatable with medications. a regular Vet would have to refer you to a neurologist if thats whats required....yes there could well be many other neurological problems that would cause this other than seizures as you will read on the article. good luck and keep us informed ok.

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