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OTC arthritis remedies for older cat

I know I've asked about this in the past; I'm hoping to get some $ today and can go purchase the item that's been rec. for me.  The situation is: Spirit's arthritis seems to be worse than usual this am, she's favoring her rt fr leg more than usual and not participating as she usually does: just laying on her comforter. She got up to eat and appreciated being brushed and massaged gently but definitely seems more tender than usual. I also have it from Lyme disease and we had a cold night last night so I'm sure that aggravated it. Was it Lysine that you guys rec. for me to get for her? She's about 12-13, spayed, weighs appr 10 lbs; absolutely less than 15 (I don't have a scale, going by some hand wts I have). What was the stuff and how much should I give her? And any other tips/suggestions/support for my baby appreciated!! I just hate seeing her unhappy...  :(
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I looked up the Lysine which seems to be for feline herpes which isn't the issue today.  I did find conflicting suggestions"never give your cat aspirin"/ "give your cat tiny amts of aspirin for arthritis pain relief" THAT'S  a big dang help. I'll go w/no aspirin. I did find a rec. for 500 mg daily of glucosamine and chondroitin-they said to give w/food to prevent vomiting & diarrhea.  Has anyone tried this? Can I use the products offered @ Riteaid or do I need to go to the pet supply place? We've already had steps in place for her so she doesn't need to jump onto anything and her litter pans are easy access.  I've tried a heating pad but she doesn't like it. I set it @ lowest temp but as soon as it warms up she gets up and sits elsewhere. She only seems to enjoy sunbaths. Too bad I can't buy those for her.  Thanks for listening and I appreciate all help from y'all!!!
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poor little Spirit, its so hard to see our babies hurting. NO NEVER give a cat aspirin in any amount!!!!
for arthritis you need to use the Glucosamine/chondroitin MSM that I told you about before dear. the  one on the market that is SAFE for cats is the brand NATURAL FACTORS called MSM JOINT FORMULA. this one has NO additives like soy and such that aren't good for cats. I use it for my Nemo not for arthritis but for urinary tract problems..(soothes the bladder lining)
it comes in a capsule try 250mg per day split into smaller doses so not to give all at once...I would take the small amount out of the capsule and mix with a dab of water than give by dropper as opposed to mixing in with the food b/c many don't like the taste....worth a try, works for 'some' kitties.
I hope you won't allow a Vet to talk you into dangerous NSAIDS.

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I knew we'd talked about it before and I couldn't find the  post, sorry! I haven't any $ for the vet so no worries about being talked into any NSAIDS. This is very helpful, what you describe, as I worry about her not drinking enough water from not wanting to travel to her water supply. (bringing to her results in a dirty look instead of the anticipated happy/grateful lapping-as if to say "I'm not a simplton or infant.") of course, this am she's trotting around like nothing happened and bouncing up and down her counter chair. I think I'll get that and keep it on hand for future issues, i thought Ed (my tuff biker fiance, was going to cry watching her bumble around yesterday-can't have THAT).Thanks SO much again-will get stat.
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I have seen thus stuff advertised on TV for cat and dog joints. It's a spray that you spray into their food. I have never tried it, but I have always wondered how well it would work. It's probably worth a try.
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Someone mentioned some sort of collar that helped their cat in another post-I'll try anything to help her! Now last night it snowed (we're in Hudson Valley) and she's bouncing up and down the stairs, chatting up a storm, etc. But Ed's been massaging her thoroughly every night which she loves so maybe that's all she needed, maybe she just had a stiff muscle. he seems to have the right touch w/her-I have long nails and she has no patience w/me. I think they have a system/routine worked out. She's happier than I am this am-I feel like I have ground glass in my knees-maybe I'll try that collar! ;)
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Hi, I give my 17 1/2 yr old female cat "GNC Hip & Joint Health." I believe it does wonders for her. She can still run and jump, but not as fast or as high as she used to. I found this supplement at PetSmart and it comes in a tube. They also sell it in treat form. Hope this helps.
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