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Obsessed with food

I have a cat that adopted me in November 2009. He is just over a year old now and came from house where he had to compete for his food. I thought I had got his head round the fact that he no longer had to do this and to a certain extent he is improved. But he is still obsessed with food. Every time I go into the kitchen he thinks he is going to be fed and complains bitterly when I don't feed him. I have strict feeding times with my other cat who is 7 years old and been with me for 6 years (although he hasn't taken to this new addition very well, but is getting there) and I am trying to get this other cat to understand this.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can go forward with this? He's beginning to drive me mad!

Thanks in anticipation.
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The one that addopted me is eating less now and she doesnt botter me cos she ever asked for food by turning over the plastic glass I keep daily food on.
Always believed she was permanently hungry for had been living by her own like yours.
But now she had kittens and two of them are still with me ( one will be mine,I cant resist ) and those never faced feed privation,they were born and live home.
Those meow for feed quite LOUD everytime they see me - I'm beeing forced to not return to the routine I had for the mother ( food twice a day) that was interrupted by the delivery/nursing time.
Dont feel like giving them breakfast and keep mother just watching :-(
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