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Open wound keeps coming back! Please help!!

My 1 year old cat has an open sore that keeps coming back. It is always in the bend of his right back leg. I have taken him to the vet numerous times but they keep telling me its a puncture wound. They gave me a spray to put on it 2 times a day, I'll do that and it will heal, and within 2 weeks its back. please help me, I don't know what else to do, and I cant afford to keep going back to the vet as often as we have been.
The wound is about .5 cm in diameter, larger sometimes, it oozes and of course he licks it constantly. It is always a perfect circle and always in the same general place. It also looks pretty deep. He's an inside cat, so I know its not a bite or puncture wound..
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Hello and Welcome....Ok, you are going to need at least one more vet visit...with a Different Vet who can look at this wound with new eyes. I think your Vet may of dropped the ball. This has been going on too long and IMO, a 911 situation. How does kitty act otherwise?  

I researched 'open wounds', and what I got out of it was this is likely deeply infected and the bacteria from it can be fatal.  It's healing on the outside in, when it should be healing from the inside out.  It would need to be surgically opened, drained, then packed.

Please call a different Vet in the morning, okay?  Good luck and let us know....  
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Otherwise he is fine, playful, active like nothing has happened. I'm just baffled!
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