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Oreo's losing hair.

My long haired cat, oreo, has been living in the house ever since we found her about 6 or 7 years ago.  When we found her she was sick so we treated her and she became healthy and happy. We then later moved into a newly built house and she was also healthy and happy there.  Since then we have moved into another house where then she was fine, but in the past couple months she hasn't been cleaning herself very well at all, so she started to smell.  We gave her several baths and decided to take her to the vet.  They gave us medicine for her thinking it was a bladder infection.  It went away for a little bit, but then it started coming back even though she was still taking the medicine.  We decided to just to give her baths every once in awhile to stop the stink.  The problem we are having now is in the past couple weeks we have noticed major fur loss. That is when i started paying more attention to her and i noticed she was itching, biting, and licking herself a lot.  We thought maybe it was fleas, but we havent had the time to get her medicine yet. Today i noticed bald spots.   Do you know what might be causing her to itch & lick so much to lose hair?
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I would guess it's an allergy or reaction to an environmental issue based on history.

There's a few other things it could be but kitty would have to be tested at the hospital (not just a vet). I'm wondering if it's a kidney/liver issue as poor kidney function can lead to a bad ammonia type smell and eventual hair loss and excessive scratching/itching (due to poor tone and texture of skin from internal pollutants/poisoning).

Unfortunately, the medicine they gave you would mask symptoms and cause a temporary reprieve in either case, while not treating the actual problem.
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