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Our cat is having fits and losing control of her bladder

I am at a loss for what to do!! Our 8 year old cat started having fits! She drops to the ground starts kicking her legs and urinates. She is awake the whole time and these last for about 30 seconds. Otherwise she is completely normal. The vet has taken bloods which are normal and thinks it may be epilepsy with a very late onset. We are so worried!!!
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It is a huge concern the vet spoke of meds but as we are shift workers could not guarantee she would have them at same time everyday . Have also been concerned about sores coming up on her only since she started having these fits which the vet thought was due to fleas(she gets frontline spot on and at the time had a total of 2 fleas I could find on her) also she wees large amounts during the fits guess I am not so sure of any of this!!! She had always been so healthy before her emergency desexing last July!!!!
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I had a dog that did the same thing until it died because no one thought of curing epilepsy for a dog. Now I seem to almost the  same symptoms .... well take care of your dog and epilepsy if well controlled is absolutely "secret"
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Hello & Welcome....I guess I am confused why you're posting as this sounds like Epilepsy exactly as your Vet said.  Was your kitty not put on seizure meds?...and if not, why not?  

Keeping your kitty in my thoughts...
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