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PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just moved with my 10-11 year old cat to Germany from Canada and the flight was around 9 hours. Now my cat is eating (and throwing everything up) and went to bathroom for a poop for the first time yesterday evening. We have been here for 3- 4 days. Yesterday we messaged his belly to get him to go, but when i started to rub his stomach today, it felt hard. It isn't swollen nor is it round. Someone please tell me if this is normal or if we should take him to a vet or something. Thank you!!!
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thank you so much! ill be sure to do that as soon as i can.
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Hi Bluesguy's Human.

  I'm sorry to hear about your furry friend's distress.

  A hard stomach isn't normal.

  You need to take him to a vet as soon as you can.  He may have a blockage which could get very serious very quickly.  You don't want to wait and see what develops.  He's already constipated.

  That's not the only thing it could be of course.  He's been through the trauma of moving and a plane ride and now a new place.  Was there no quarantine involved?  Has his food changed?  What is he eating?  This is information your new vet might want to know.  If you've got his previous medical records take those with you.  You're probably not going to have a stool sample (less than 24 hours old) but if by miracle you do, the vet would want  that. Sometimes the cause of this is a parasite.

  So, we don't want to guess or wait.  Let's get your cat checked professionally.  

  I hope he'll be good as new soon.  Please let us know how things go.



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