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Hi all ! Can someone please tell me about  pancreatitis  and the mortality rate when your cat gets it ? My Kaci cat whom I just love so much is old (about 161/2 ) and I have been taking her to the Vet to get hydrated about every 4 days . She is not really eating well and I am really worried . Anything more that I can do for her ? Any suggestions would be appreciated so much ! Thank you ..Jimmy
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Jimmy I am so sorry to read about Kaci and her problems. I'm afraid I myself don't know very much about this disease, but I did find a good site with info for you.
Is she on pain meds? sounds like pancreatitis is quite painful and its a good idea to use pain control to promote healing.
for long term pain control the most recommended opiate is BUPRENEX or TRAMADOL for cats.
good pain control would also make her feel more like eating, but on the other hand loss of appetite can be a side effect of some of the medications...so need good Vet advice there.

Are you assist feeding her?
If she is not eating well, hepatic lipidosis is a very serious worry. cats need a min of 30 calories per lb. or their weight..and a high source of protein.(not meat by-products)

this is the article. I hope it helps and I do hope Kaci is soon well. keep us updated okay♥

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Thank you so much for your reply ! She seems to be doing a little better. I am having her hydrated every 4 days and that seems to be doing wonders for her ..  Jimmy
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Hi Jimmy, I'm so glad to hear she's doing better.  My vet said that pancreatitis is just a waiting game, and hydration and pain control are key.  It sounds like you're doing what is necessary.  I don't think the mortality rate from it is very high as long as they don't get dehydrated.  
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Thank you for responding and the words of comfort . I really appreciate it . Jimmy
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