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Phlegm/Mucus in cat ?

so i have a 7 year old lactating persian queen and she seems to have a lot of phlegm. she sneezes a lot and wheezes (nothing similar to human wheezes or anything but i guess that thing she does is the cat version of wheezing) and sometimes i see her swallowing hardly (not when she's eating but when she's relaxing or when im playing with her) she's eating fine and she's drinking fine, and her eyes dont have any discharge, she's as active as an indoor cat can get though she's not lazy she just doesnt like to run, her weight looks normal in fact she's been gaining weight since she gave birth last december (she's now spayed). she's slowly weaning off her kittens and she's only with them at night. when she sneezes there's green or clear mucus that comes out of her nose and its been happening since around late january. im planning to go to the vet but my other male cat is my top priority right now since he has lumps around his abdomen so while waiting for her turn to the vet, i would like to know if there's any home remedies for her condition and what exactly does she have ? she's eating kitten kibbles rn since she's lactating but once they kittens are weaned of she'll be eating canned food. and i give her nutri plus gel every two days. she had an emergency c-section last december bc her uterus detached. oh btw her kittens seem fine and dont see to be catching any of her symptoms, even my other three cats arent sneezing or anything. thank you !
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I don't think yr kitty can wait any longer for a Vet visit, or at least while there with the male cat ask yr Vet to presciribe an antibiotic for the queen, sounds very much like an upper respiratory infection (UTI) if left unchecked it could become fatal, it can also spread to the little kittens
This was likely brought on by the stress of birthing and the surgery combined. Tell me why ur waiting until later to give her the better canned food diet? She needs the better quality HIGH protien diet, esp now while trying to nurse and feeling unwell
She also needs an amino acid called Lysine to strengthen her immune system and help her overcome this URI
A real good one that I use for my cats is in powder form the brand name is Carlson Labs, I can give you ordering info if you can't get locally at a nearby Health/ vitamin store(human) or you can also get thru your Vet clinic, most clinics carry this...
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here is a link to the one I order, its very safe and effective for cats. if you order this one there is a green scoop inside, a full scoop will be 1200mgs. I would give kitty a half scoop mixed with a bit of water by a dropper....until all symptoms have stopped...even while on an antibiotic

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