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Please help

My cat has been diagnosed with urinary tract infection; I have been given the medications and started the treatment around a week ago. He doesn't seem to be in pain anymore and there's no blood in the urine, but his attitude still worries me a lot. He is still most of the time, just laying down around the house and almost doesn't touch his food, I've tried offering him different things from fish to meat but he barely touches them if at all. He usually is more active than this, so it makes me very uneasy.
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Hi Samantha,

Hard to say why he is so listless. Perhaps the meds are not agreeing with his system.

Best to run this by your Vet, just to be sure!  

Keep us posted if you would.
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did the Vet do a culture to be certain a bacteria was present and it definitely was a UTI??? so often blood in the urine is actually crystals(caused by a high PH)...and not an active infection
the medication can certainly cause listlessness....but like CML suggested talk to your Vet abt your concerns
Make very sure you are not feeding him dry food....this is what causes a high PH and crystals...particularity in males, this is a very painful condition and can lead to a blockage in the urinary tract
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