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Possible new kitty sister for Cooper and Buff.

A neighbor has to rehome Miss Phoenix, a long haired calico who is a little over 3 due toongoing illness and development of severe allergies as a side effect.

I went to meet her Thursday night. Much prettier in person than her pictures show. Very shy, but willing to give me a chance I think.

Mrs F wants to take a couple weeks so she can make sure Phoenix gets a well kitty check up and is up to date on vaccines before she gets to meet the boyz.

Here are the pictures her current guardian sent...
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Thank you for sharing your stories with us~
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Miss Phoenix has discovered the Magic Spring that goes Whoosh and brings cold, clean water to the bowl. Saw hr drinking from there for the 1st time today.
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Yesterday afternoon, Miss Phoenix had First Lap Time with my Mrs.
The little princess has been laying on the arm of Anita's chair once in a while.
Yesterday, she let here bottom slide down and sat there for about 15 minutes.
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Very cute! I'm always delighted when any of our cats want to actually climb up on our laps, usually they prefer to sit near us but not touching. lol
Phoenix spent almost an hour on the arm of the chair yesterday, and about 10 minutes as semi-lap kitty.
Those first time events are so exciting.  I remember when Jade finally stepped onto my lap briefly near the end of her life.  I think I held my breath!  It was the one and only time she ever did that.  She would sit an inch away, but wouldn't lean or touch although she loved to be pet.  

Does Phoenix like to be pet?

Phoenix loves ear scritches and head rubs.
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Miss Phoenix has picked up a new habit from watching Mr. Buff. She is now burrowing under the couch throw and taking a nap. Today's session was the longest yet, almost 1/2 an hour.
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Yesterday, 6 June, Missy spent the better part of an hour in Buff's burrow.
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A HUGE happening about a month ago I can report, as I now have the key to posting pictures.

Phoenix and Buff sitting near each other atop the bookshelf near the computer desk. This lasted about 10 minutes before Buff jumped down.
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Miss Phoenix is much more at home now. She is sleeping out in the open much more often, AND once in awhile, on her back.
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On her back? *awestruck*  :-)
Twice today. :-)
Plus, a couple weeks ago, she and Buff were sitting near each other atop the 7 foot tall bookshelf by the computer desk.
That went peacefully until Buff came down.
Finally got help from Emily at MedHelp. Looks like photos need to be no larger than 400 x 400 Pixels.

Here's back laying Miss. in her favorite napping spot.
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Happy Birthday to Mistress Phoenix Grace of the Ford, who turns 5 today.

Both Buff and Cooper have accepted she is a member of the family. Buff is more tolerant of her, seems to like having a little sister to play chase, and to be chased.
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Tried up loading a new picture, but got a 500 error message.
I've been getting 500 errors on three out of four tries at posting photos lately. Have only gotten one to post, and the only difference between it and all the others is that it was taken from a ways away and pretty severely cropped just to include the cat and not all the background. Maybe that made the image an appropriately small pixel volume.
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Been quite a while since a Phoenix update.
Little Miss has free run of the house, still a little contention between her and the boys.
BUT, it doesn't look like they are trying to hurt her, just let her know that they ARE the big brothers and she IS the little sister, not the Boss.
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That's always the way. My two that are a genuinely bonded pair will suddenly erupt at times, with one or the other starting a fight. I think they do it for entertainment.
Phoenix and Buff will touch noses, before they box at each other now.
Cooper still chases her, but now stops at the head of the stairs when she goes to the ground floor.
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Miss Phoenix and Mr. Buff are definitely the 2 kids squabbling in the back seat during along car ride now. She and Cooper ARE coming closer to an armed truce.

We did get her to the vet for her annual well kitty check a couple weeks ago, Gabapentin ear cream helped. When we tried in January, it was like we had a bobcat 4 times her size on our hands.
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Looks like Phoenix and Buff are at the junior high school "I like you, so I'm gonna hit you" phase. They are touching noses much more often, and she sneaks in social sniffs, too.

It is getting better between Phoenix and Cooper. He still chases her, but no longer tries to catch her.

Also, yesterday, found out Phoenix likes cooked bacon, as long as it is not too crispy.
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Looks like Miss Phoenix and Buff are at the Junior High School stage of "I hit you because I like you!!!"

She and Cooper need a bit more time.

I now have Gabapentin for her in an ear cream. Phoenix is a little wildcat otherwise.
Phoenix is a Shadow Hunter. I make shadow "puppets" on the floor or wall and she chases them.
She must really love those cat lasers, then.
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Things are going along with 3 steps forward, 1 step back, 2 steps back...
Cooper is still being a tire iron upside the head insofar as trying to approach Phoenix.
I really think he is as afraid of her as she is of him.
Many more peaceful to neutral encounters between her and Buff.
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Hmm, interesting.  Just like humans, some cats get along better than others.  That may be the case here.  Or course, I do hope things will improve between Cooper and Phoenix even if it takes longer than we all hoped.    
It took a year for Miss Teia to come to like and trust Kestrel, Hildiekatt and Chesapeake.
We are willing to wait however long.
Things are progressing nicely I think, just a week shy of when Phoenix joined the family.
She did not protest when Buff settled near her.
Picture: https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/767162?personal_page_id=40606
My wife told me that Phoenix and Buff shared a friendly nose bump today.
That's good news! :-)
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A bit of a while since I posted an update. Will upload pictures.

It looks like Phoenix is almost ready to tolerate Buff. He got up on the bureau with her a few days ago and was eating out of her bowl. She looked very displeased, but did not try to drive him away.

The day after, she was on the sill of the big window over the large soaker tub in the main bathroom. She hissed only once, when Buff tried to join her. She settled down as he lay atop his favorite tote (use the tub for storage).

Cooper, reviews are mixed. While he does not seem to be trying to catch her, he is still chasing her a few times a week.

(Got a 500: Internal server error when I tried to upload the pictures. Will try again later and post the URLs in a comment.)
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Emily from Medhelp was a champ and got the pictures uploaded for me.

1st one is displeased Phoenix: https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/767112
2nd is ALMOST social: https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/767111
In the first one, she is looking like that because she knows full well he is just doing it to bug her. lol
Nice update Pip.  Great photos too.  I can't help but think how much your house has evolved since you first arrived on MH.  I don't believe you even live in the same state as you did.  

Of course, the best part of all these years is your cancer survival.  

As far as your kitties go, whether it's happy or sad (it seems the happiness has far outweighed the sadness), I do enjoy how the story continues.  
Buff did it again today, the snack poaching. However, Missy looked a lot less displeased.

Cooper was laying on the floor near the bureau looking up at her. She was looking back without hisses or grrs.
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I had a beauty of a cat that never got over 6 lbs and I took her in as a stray! She had a terrible urinary problem and went all over the house but I think along with the problem, my two male cats bothered her just them being around. It took 4 years before they all laid on my love seat with me . But we dealt. It takes awhile
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Miss Phoenix has, hesitantly, exchanged nose touches with both the boys, then bops them.
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That's nice news.
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A little update, these 6 months after Gotcha Day.

It was funny, last night.

Phoenix came into the people bedroom.
Cooper then went into Fort Fenix.

She was looking under the bed to see if he was there.
He was doing the same in the other room.

She spent time sitting atop the taller bookshelf next to my bureau.
He spent time sitting on the blanket covered box by the window, where she naps.

She jumped down, and was peeking around the solid door at him.
Cooper got bored, I guess, and went down the hall to the crows nest at the head of the stairway.

Phoenix went back into the "nursery."

All in all, about 30 minutes.

Buff was oblivious, sleeping under his blanket on the downstairs couch.

The visits are getting longer, with fewer complaints. There has been no flying fur or blood droplets. The times she has bopped Buff, claws were in. The times the boys have chased her, they stopped short of catching her.
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About 5 hours this afternoon/evening with NO Barriers between Phoenix, Cooper and Buff.
NO confrontations. I think Phoenix is very close to becoming part of the Whole Household.
Hey, Pip!  
  It sounds to me like all 3 are exhibiting "typical" kitty behavior I say tongue-in-cheek.  I share your optimism and hope all continues to go well.  Your 2nd comment of "NO confrontations" surely means Whole Household is coming for real.
  I never say never with a kitty, though.  A cat taught me that in 1988.  ;)

I went back to the beginning of the thread and reread the evolution of Phoenix's integration into the household.  I came upon my own post on Jan 29th predicting (with hope) she would be both accepting and friends with the boys in 6 months time.  Actually I said I hoped to see you post a pic of all three eating together, but close enough.  Did I call it or what?! lol

As always, Pip, great job working with Phoenix in helping her to become a relaxed and happy kitty with y'all~
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Yesterday's episode of the Phoenix and Buff Show...

He was lounging on her captured ball toy. Phoenix rushes at him from where she was watching him by the other corner of the bed. She stopped with about 2 inches between their noses. Buff stayed, calmly laying there. She did reach out, bump noses and then scampered away.
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Mistress Phoenix is definitely no longer scared of the boys, getting very comfortable with "contact" at the screen door. She is no long immediately hiding during chaperoned visits. Yesterday's, with both Cooper and Buff, lasted almost 20 minutes.

Here she was posing pretty: https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/766963?personal_page_id=861638

Here's the 3 of them: https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/766964?personal_page_id=861638

She actually moved closer to get a better look at Cooper. When Buff tried to get in a social sniff, she turned and bopped him on the forehead, claws sheathed.
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Progress report: Missy is becoming quite and explorer and IS becoming used to the idea she has brothers.

Buff had a chaperoned visit, while Cooper sounded plaintive on the other side of the screen door. Missy was sitting only a few feet from the doorway and di not move when Buff came in, even though she was hissing. She did not go under the bed until he was past her.

Buf was most interested in the catnip on the cardboard scratch pad by the foot of the bed. The longer he was in Nip Ecstacy, the closer she moved, still under and still grumbling.

The grumbling ceased a few minutes before I shooed him out.

She has been exploring the other bedrooms, when I'm able to gate off the boys.

Last night she had a lengthy explore of the walk in closet in the people bedroom, ended up climbing one of my sweatshirts to gain the shelf above the clothing rack.

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Miss Phoenix has been with us 3 full months now. Chaperoned visits with the boys are going a bit easier. She is staying out longer before hiding under the bed. She is less vocal about her complaints and takes much less time to come out from under after they leave the room. In fact, last evening, she came out as they were crossing the threshold back into the hall.

The boys are getting better at not trying to get under the bed for a look at her.

I think she'll likely warm up to Buff first as when he's outside the screen and she comes to look at him, he flops over into an almost submissive pose. Cooper is rearing up like a bear less and less. She also seems to be mewing at them, as they have been at her.
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Mewing is good! Beats hissing. :-)
Buff had a chaperoned visit a few hours ago.
When he got too close, Phoenix actually reached out from under the bed and tried to bop him in the nose.
She is adorable!
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2 new pictures...

In the 1st, Miss Phoenix giving me a nose bump on 21 March.

In the 2nd, Mr. Buff tried to visit, but she his under the bed. However, she was only a few feet away, and her complaints were not as loud
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Miss Phoenix explored outside of Fort Fenix for close to an hour and a half on Wednesday. She was in the people bedroom again, for close to an hour. She even spent about 20 - 30 minutes napping on the pillows atop the bed.

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Tomorrow will make 9 weeks that Mistress Phoenix has been with us.

She is going up to the screen door many times a day either looking for Cooper and Buff, or to flirt a little. Yesterday she did the kitten hop turn when Cooper was by himself out there, almost like she was inviting him to play.
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It's so charming when cats do that. And for someone whose original reaction to the change of households was to take up residence under the bed, what a positive sign!
She came into the hallway twice today. We had the Teia's Gate closed and screen to Fort Fenix open.

Also both times she went up to Teia's Gate, saw the boys, waited until they were looking, hissed a little and ran back into her safe haven.

She has come across the hall to inspect the people bedroom, stayed almost 15 minutes. I got one picture, did not want to spook her before she was ready to return to the nursery.

A pretty girl. :)

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