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Raw/cooked diet

I'm considering starting homemade food diet for the cats and puppy.  I know there are a few of you that do your own food so I wanted to ask a few questions.  :)  Some will be opinions but with the research everyone here has done I probably trust you more than the vet at times.

1. Oliver has Kidney disease and the vet put him on the Science Diet KD food- DRY (I know, I know- I hate science diet and he needs moisture not dry) and he won't eat the canned. All 3 really like that food.  He is really picky and is not eating much of the canned food I have been giving them.  I've tried every type and brand I can find.  They all REALLY hate the grain free.  Will a raw diet be ok for him?  I think anything other than the dry crap has to be better.  Do you know if there is anything in the dry stuff specific for that?

He's lost so much weight that my thoughts are even if it isn't "as good"  or missing things from other stuff, if he eats it, I can handle that.  He can't be much worse off than he is now.

2. What recipes do you use?  I've found a few but am curious as to what everyone here uses.

3.  Do you know if it can be used for dogs also?   I'm thinking not because of all the bones but am not sure. I got a recipe book for dogs and its crazy.   A bunch of recipes that take longer each day than it would to make my dinner. :)

4. Do you think I could add some glucosamine or that type of thing for his arthritis and joint pain?  I can't get him to eat the treats  

Thanks for any info I can get.  You all are awesome!!

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don't see why not, as long as it has no sugar or other additives...
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I can't find Knox beef flavored Gelatin so I got some unflavored gelatin.  Will this work?  
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supplements thru iherb.com if you use my code SED957 you will get a discount

1. Vitamin B

2. Lecithin

3. Vitamin E

and SORRY I FORGOT TO ADD THE MOST IMPORTANT supplement of all...TAURINE. this is a must!!! its for proper muscle growth...but if you are freezing you CAN'T add it in until you defrost a jar. the freezing will destroy it.
I use 1/4 teaspoon per 6 oz of meat...add it to the jar after defrosting....the Taurine and Calcium are the most important supplements...and the Vitamin E is necessary especially if you are freezing...so its a very important one also



any questions just holler...:))
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Okay will try and type out some info for you, I used this Pork recipe for over 3 years until recently when he suddenly stopped eating EVERYTHING on me...even chicken and that has always been his 'go to' food...I had to syringe feed him for a week, than slowly he got interested in eating chicken so I am now making him a cooked chicken diet
the advantage of the Pork diet is NO bones to contend with...with the chicken I cook it than slowly pick through it all piece by piece to get every single tiny little bone out and there are millions it seems

I buy the supplements thru iherb.com they sell brands that are safe for use with cats and they ship very reasonably.

COOKED PORK.or CHICKEN....the following supplement measurements are for every 1 lb of cooked meat. and balance out the diet.

buy a lean pork loin, cook in a roaster or crock pot wtih enough water to COVER the meat you can do well cooked or less well done, depending how Oliver prefers:)
KEEP THE WATER....this all has to be mixed into the ground meat...the diet must be at least 50-70% water.
chop or grind again depending on Olivers preference...

for every lb of meat you will need to add this
1. CALCIUM...3/4 teaspoon per lb.  I use egg shell powder (ESP) 1 teaspoon of ESP provides between 4500mg - 5000mg total calcium. this you can make yourself, save your raw egg shells from baking or morning breakfast, dry them for abt 3-5 min in a hot oven, let cool than put them in a small grinder...I use one of those small magic bullet machines...grind up to a fine powder...use 3/4 teasp of this per lb of meat
calcium is very important.
if you son't wish to make your own esp, you can buy bone meal.

2.1/2 capsule LECITHIN...for Vitamin A&D....also hairball control. I buy this in powder form from iherb. or you can use 1 egg YOLK only per lb of meat.

3.VITAMIN E.....very important!! I buy the DRY E capsules...they are hard to find, but thankfully iherb has them. need 2 capsules(800 I.U.) per lb of meat.

4.CARTLIDGE/COLLAGEN....this is b/c you are not using bones...
buy the KNOX beef flavored gelatin packages at your grocery store...they come in a red box and are packed in individual packettes...(do NOt use jello)...MIX 1/2 packette per lb of meat...mix in a little hot water to dissolve than mix into your chopped meat/water mixture.

5. VITAMIN B....1/4 capsule per lb of meat. I order this from iherb, the best brand for cats in made by Thorne Research I will add all those links at the end.

5. VEGETABLES- a smiggen for help with constipation also hairballs. PURE canned pumpkin is the best. make sure its the PURE and not pie filling...1-2 Tablespoons per lb of meat.
OR you can cook and mash up a zucchini instead or peas....this will depend on Olivers tastes..lol

I will post this now before losing it, I will look up the links thru iherb and add them later ok. this isn't hard. the supplements will set you back abit but they last a long time!!! you can try the recipe first without the supplements to make sure Oliver likes it...than add to your next batch.
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I was closing the windows I had open and ran across this:  http://tcfeline.com/2012/04/27/reduced-protein-cat-food/

It's perfect and really simple.  AND  the pumpkin might keep him from having constant diarrhea.

BUT  I'd still like everyone's thoughts.  
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I knew someone would ground me a little.  I was stuck on the raw and didn't think about the cooked.  I hit the grinding of raw with bones and my gag factor kicked in.  

Ollie is 15 with horrible teeth- what he still has.  Taz and Lucy are 12.  
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How old is Oliver??
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Good plan!!! I've been making a homemade diet for my Nemo for a few years now...for same reasons as Oliver, he had health issues and wouldn't eat canned foods.
I make a large batch once or twice a month, than freeze it in pint size jars...I defrost one jar at a time, a jar will last him 2-3 days
This is not only much much healthier than dry food( an most canned foods) it is also cheaper
I will write up more indepth info later today or tomorrow, getting company today so kinda busy :)
This doesn't need to be hard, I use a cooked recipe not raw....and with NO bones, my preference. You can supplement for the bones
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