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Renalzin for urinary problem cats?


I hope someone can help me.  I have a wonderful ginger cat called Hobbes who is 8 years old and had 2 attacks of urinary stoppage within 4 months of each other.  This was a year ago.

We first tried Hills Science Diet for urinary but he had the second attack, so we switched to Royal Canin urinary (both dry and wet).  At the same time I started him on Cystease tablets and he has been taking them since then (about a year).

Today I went to the vets and they say that Cystease has been substituted with Renalzin, which should be more effective.

My questions to you:
1.  Does anyone know anything about Renalzin for urinary problems?  I can only find manufacturer's information.

2.  I recently read that cystease should only be used for 6 months.  Should I take a break?  I'm a little nervous about doing that since things have gone so well for a year.

3.  I read in another post about kidney cats, that dry food was not good.  Should I stop giving my cats dry food?  Both the urinary cat (Hobbes) as well as the other 2 who do not have any problems at the moment.   Should cats live on wet food only? Do they get enough nutrients in wet food?

Thanks in advance for any advice I can get.
Best wishes,
Jennifer in Sweden
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1. Do as your Vet suggests I'm not about to go against his advice!...so yes keep feeding the RC urinary diet as long as it is CANNED not the dry ever for a cat with urinary stones (FLUTD)

2.I found the renalzin, here its called Azodyl. its to support healthy kidney function and reduce toxin build up.

3.I don't agree with anyone claiming dry food is fine because they will drink water with it......no cats do NOT drink enough water to compensate for the lack of it in their diet. that is a false information.
please read   www.catinfo.org

4. I am assuming the crystals are struvite because diet will not disolve the oxalate type.
that means that his urine is very alkalin and concentrated. I have a cat with this too.....he would have died if I had continued with the dry food I had been feeding him.
cats with FLUTD especially need WET food and extra water to help flush out these crystals....since he doesn't drink alot on his own I add a few teaspoons of extra water into the can food just to be sure he is getting lots.

5. yes you can buy better can foods just like you can the dry, where are you buying from? Most pet stores carry the better brands too.
Your Vet should have the canned RC

another tip is if you buy some fresh corn on the cop, you can take the cornsilk off (about a palm full) pour boiling water over and make a cornsilk tea, COOL than try and get kitty to drink some of it everyday, its very soothing to the bladder and will help flush him out and ease the pain.

best to you both, post any time if we can be of more help.♥
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hi and welcome to our cat forum I hope we can help you with some of your questions.

1. I don't know anything about the drug called Renalzin, is this prescribed by your Vet and what exactly is it for?

2. sorry no info on Cystease either...can you send me a link to these meds?

3. Please Never give dry food............thats exactly what led the the urinary problems in the first place(I know this first hand....I have one too)
even if your other cats aren't showing symtoms now they will later....guaranteed.
Dry food only contains 12% water, where cans contain 78% min..........cats need this moisture to prevent urinary problems and crystal formation. and cats by nature do NOT drink enough water it has to be supplemented in their diet.

Yes cats should live on wet food ONLY..............of course they get all the same nutrients as with the dry minus all the preservatives.

Please tell me exactly what caused the urinary blockage. I suspect it was crystals in the urinary tract a disease refered to as FLUTD.
Can you tell me if these crystals were STRUVITE or OXOLATE??

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Hello Opus,

Thanks for the quick reply.  I appreciate the help.

1.  Renalzin is something brand new I was told and should replace Cystease.  Here are the links to both.  It seems to be a kind of supplement.  It is not a prescription drug.

2.  Yes, I think it was FLUTD.  The vet explained that crystals built up over a long time inside the bladder and finally they built up so much around my cats penis that he was no longer able to urinate.  The urine began to build up in his bladder and he was in terrible pain.  The vet had to unblock his penis to let the urine out.  Then the bladder was so stretched out that he was not able to hold his urine in.  He was prescribed a drug that helped the muscles contract and it worked!  I never found out is the crystals were Struvite or Oxolate.  Do you do a test for this?

3.  I have asked my vet and the pet food store about the dangers of giving my cat dry food.  They say that as long as they drink water it is fine.  They say that the dry foods are specially balanced for what cats need at different stages of their lives.  

It doesn't seem that the wet foods you buy in the shops are equally specially designed but I suppose you can buy better wet foods too.

4.  What do I do for Hobbes who the vet said should eat Royal Canin Urinary food for the rest of his life?  I know that they have small packets of wet RC urinary food and I give both to Hobbes now.  Do you recommend that I stop with the urinary dry and go over to normal wet cat food or just give him the urinary wet?

The other 2 will go over to wet gradually as long as the dry lasts and then I will not buy new dry for them.

All the best,

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Hi Opus!

Thanks again.  I will go off dry as you recommend.  Thanks for saving possibly 3 cat lives.  What have you heard about Renalzin or Azodyl as it is called there (where do you live?)?  Is it safe to give cats?  No known side effects?

The RC wet food comes in small portion packets and they are extremely expensive.  Should I only feed Hobbes (with FLUID) that or do you think he could have normal wet food as well?

Thanks for the tip about the cornsilk tea.   I will try it.  I love home remedies!!

Best to you
Jennifer and Hobbes
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Azodyl is a probiotic (E. thermophilus, L. acidophilus, B. longum, and psyllium husk).  These are naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria that metabolize and flush out uremic toxins that have diffused into the bowel. They supports kidney function by enteric dialysis and slows down uremic toxin buildup in the blood to help prevent further kidney damage.

Cystease is N-Acetyl Glucosamine which is reported to help protect the lining of the stomach and intestines.

Both are OTC nutritional supplements.  

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HI Jennifer and Hobbes!!.......I am in Canada.
I really haven't had any experience or knowledge of Renalzin (Azodyl)....or the RC food(I agree prescription diets are very expensive)

I will give you a link to a thread that some members were posting on 'in depth' the one lady from France is/was using both the renalzin and the RC for her CRF kitty.
there is tons of reading there as Francoise does go into depth with her research....I don't agree with all of her findings such as 'cured my CRF cat' but she does have alot of good info, so does Donnayav.

So read, maybe some of that will be helpful to you.....I can also tell you of another homemade 'holistic' product if you are able to obtain it there In Sweden, its called SLIPPERY ELM BARK, I use it here to also sooth the bladder(perhaps its mentioned on the thread I giving?) if not I can give you the brand names safest for cats and how to administer it.....


looking forward to hearing from you again.....give Hobbes a cuddle from me ♥Opus
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thanks Nancy for the info on these products....I am assuming since they are nutritional supplements that both would be safe for long term use?

I know I have used Glucosamine alone for Nemo, but only during his acute stage....from the reading I've done its ok to give as a maintenance.

hows our GHM?

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hi again Jennifer. I just found this posting by Dr. Osborne whose a Vet on our Holistic Pet Forum. she gives her opinion on Azodyl and safety, her comments all refer to a dog but I can't see where they would be much different for a cat??

Perhaps you should post on that forum and get one of these Vets to reply to your questions too..

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I would give a qualified yes to your question.  Nutritional supplements if overdone (either in dosage or length of time given) can be detrimental because of interactions with other nutritional elements.  For instance, increasing one enzyme can have the effect of decreasing another.  That is to say, more of a good thing is not necessarily a better thing.  I supplement with probiotics for GHM mostly because he has been on antibiotics so much which kill both the good and bad bacteria.  It is also helpful for soothing minor intestinal upsets.  But I only use them daily for short periods (a week or two) and then maybe 3 times/week for maintenance.  

Glocosamine is used primarily for joint problems and the claim that it provides stomach and intestinal protection is just that, a claim.  Since nutritional supplements, herbs, holistic remedies, etc. are pretty much unregulated, there are no long term studies or standards required before putting them on the market and making any kind of claim the manufacturer wants to make, true or not.  That's not to say they aren't beneficial, just that the onus for determining safety and effectiveness is on the buyer.  
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PS:  Meant to add update on GHM, thank you for asking.  He has URI (again) right now, but a mild case.  Each time is less severe than the last, so that is progress.  It can take up to 4-5 months to completely shed the bortadella virus and he is also herpes positive so I just have to be patient.  He is eating and growing well so I am basically just waiting for a window where he doesn't have symptoms to give him an FVRCP booster and then after that his rabies and neutering.  
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Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your comment.  Do you think that Azodyl (which I think is called Renalzin in Sweden) can be substituted for Cystease, which I am now using for my urinary problem cat?  The vets are no longer selling Cystease and are saying that Azodyl (Renalzin) is the same.

How long should I give this to my cat?

Thanks for your help.
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