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Retaliatory urination

Our neutered 7 year old indoor/outdoor cat vertical sprays when he does not get his way. It happens when he comes inside and wants food when it is not feeding time. This morning he peed on my husband in bed because he wanted to go outside. How do we get him to stop communicating negatively with his pee?
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Try letting the cat free feed, to reduce the power struggle when he is hungry. My free-feeding cats don't get fat, and it removes any tendency to want to pick a fight over dinner, a fraught topic for a cat.

Cats often will spray when they have a UTI. Have you had your little buddy checked by the vet?

Cats also (most often) spray to mark their territory and assert their dominance over it. Is your husband a newer addition to the family than the cat? And does your husband police the food situation or otherwise tell the cat what to do? Your little guy might be feeling like his dominance is threatened.

Not sure how to let the cat know, but this peeing on people (and inside the house at all) has to stop or he will be sent away, I assume. Whatever you can do to give him his own space and his own autonomy, should ease the problem. That, and getting him checked for a UTI.
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