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Ringworm in Cats and Humans

I recently rescued a kitten.  After taking him to the vet a week later, the vet diagnosed him with a severe case of ringworm.  They shaved him and he's being treated with meds.  We checked the other 4 cats and 3 out of the 4 cats have shown signs of open sores for the ringworm infection.  we've been treating them with a topical liquid prescribed by the dr (don't remember the name right now).  Myself and my husband both show signs of ringworm and have been treating the spots with creams.  (we have isolated the 5th cat, as she is suppose to have surgery next tuesday and we don't want her infected...and we both basically refuse to enter the room except to feed her and have minimal contact with her every day until then)
Here's my question:  How hard will it be for us to get rid of the ringworm infestation with the cats, with us, and inside the home?  Also, with the medications, how long will it take for all the cats to be cured and "healthy" again.  Since we live in an apartment, isolation of all cats to one room isn't going to be possible (with the exception of the one we have already isolated).  Are there any sure-fire ways for us to 'kill' this problem and make sure that it will not reoccur?  Also, if we continue with the treatments that the vet has prescribed to the cats, how long will we have to wait for this mess to clear up?  Or, are we up a creek without a paddle?  
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6 years ago we were in the same boat as you.  We were given a kitten that was infested with ringworm.  I had never delt with ringworm before and did not know how contagious it is.  My daughter and I both contacted the ringworm (somehow my husband never did).  We were treated with a cream that we put on and then covered with bandaids.  I also had it in my head which was treated with a medicated shampoo.  At first the kitten was given pills but they did nothing.  We then moved on to a cream which also did not work.  Finally, we borrowed a large dog cage and kept the kitten in that.  I lined the cage with old towels which I had to change each day and wash with a medicated detergent.  I had to wear gloves when doing anything with the cage and cat.  I dropped the kitten off at the vets once a week for a special medicated bath.  (I could have given him the bath at home but the cost was only $10 a visit and worth it to me so I did not have to deal with the sanitizing of the sink and towels.)  The time frame from the time we got the kitten to the point he was completely cured was 3 months.  It was agony going through it and at times my husband wanted to just get rid of him but we held on and he is now my 6 year old baby.  I think my daughter and I cleared up in about 2 weeks if my memory serves me well.  It has never reoccured!!!  Hope this helps and good luck!
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I have to ask, I'm in the same boat right now, got a spot of ringworm on my leg. How long did it take to clear up for you?  It seems to be taking weeks for mine to go away fully. The cat's ringworm cleared up in a week or two. Perhaps I should try being a cat?
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Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.  We've started taking the cats to the vet and giving them a "dip" twice a week.  So far, the cats and the kitten have had good luck with the dip.  The vet, (Wonderful man he is!!), said that he'd keep the cat that was NOT infected at the vet office for us for 2 weeks to guarentee that she didn't get infected.  So far, my ringworm is clearing up decently, I've had it now for about 2 weeks or so.  My husband has had his for about a week and a half, so I'm hoping that as long as he keeps up with the cream he'll get it cleared up by next week.

Savas:  Go to Walmart or any other drug store that sells Equate brand antifungal cream.  Make sure that whatever you pick up for your topical ointment is 1% ( - zole)
clotrimazole cream.  (Anything that cures athelete's foot basically)  I bought the cheaper stuff just because it had the same % as the name brands and it was like $5-$7 cheaper.  Try to vacuum 2x a day if you have a cat.  If you do NOT have a cat or dog or are around farm animals, make sure that you treat your feet.  You might have contracted athelete's foot and contaminated your skin by scratching/itching.  Make sure that you use some sort of shampoo that treats antifungal for your scalp.  My husband picked up Tree Oil (FOR HUMANS ONLY!!!) at Walmart and it seems to be doing the trick.  

Thank you so much for everyone's comments!!!

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Giving it more thought it might have taken more than 2 weeks for my daughter and I to clear up.  I had it the worse.  Being the "MOM" I did most of the handling of the kitten.  I do remember that we kept it from spreading by covering the spots with bandaids and washing my brush after every use.  I'm sorry my memory is not that great about us.  Most of it is about the kitten which took 3 months to clear.  We could have been more like a month to a month and a half.  We used prescription creams and shampoo.

Hope this helps!
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Yeah, that's what I'm going through. It's been almost a month and just now seems to be almost gone. It's been an itchy, irritating drag. Oh well, at least I know it's going as it should. The doc made it sound like it would clear up in a week, but then gave me two month's worth of medication for it.
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I adopted a kitten 5 years ago and he had ringworm and gave it to me.  The vet told me that he was a "carrier" of ringworm. He still has outbreaks every so often but they are not as bad and don't last as long.  Somehow my other cat has never gotten it but I do from time to time.  I find that how fast it clears up on me depends on how long I have it before I notice it.  If I catch it right away and treat it is gone in a couple of days.
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I had ringworm a few times from working at a daycare.  One of the child's cats had ringworm and he always came in with it.  I went to a pharmacy who gave me ( i know this sounds insane) jock itch creme.  Wash the infected area 3x daily with warm water and soap, and apply the creme.  He said do it for a week.  Mine was cleared up each time within a few days.
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Actually, that is what I use to treat mine.
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I didn't notice I had it for some time I think. Which is why it's taken so long to clear up...they gave me a prescription powder which is the same active ingredient as the jock itch cream. :)
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I have a studio apartment with 2 rooms but no doors. I just got a kitten and my eldery cat (who run away a month ago) came back 2 days later. We were at the Vet today he said most likely we have ringworm. I already have couple of red spots on myself. kitten has been sleeping with us first week. The question I have if I have no room to isolate him what can I do? Bathroom he screams so bad I cant handle it.
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hi Olga and welcome...
well I'm glad the cat came home, just unfortunately with ringworm....since the kitten has already been exposed to it and the household IMO its too late to try and isolate him now anyway...the spores would be in the house.
Keep everything washed and vacuumed including your hands everytime you touch one of the cats...and carry on with the shampoos and medications the Vet has given you, it maybe necessary to treat the kitten too...but just wait and see if he gets the sores or not first.
It can be frustrating but is totally treatable, so don't become alarmed...many pets come into a household with this especially ones from shelters...
I will include a couple links with info, good luck and let us know how it goes ok....


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