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Scabs on cat's back

Hello Everyone.  Melinda here.

  My almost 11-year-old dark calico Sookie has a concentrated small area of scabs on her back a couple of inches above her tail.  They are healing but not completely yet.

  I noticed her bathing herself yesterday and she twisted around trying to reach that spot , doing the biting thingie so I checked her out as best I could, felt the scabs and got her comb and gently helped her with the itching.  I got a lot of fur and there was a fair amount of dandruff.  Later last night I had my spouse check her because she has special privileges with the Sook that I don't have.  That's how we know the healing isn't finished.

  She's currently under  my blanket between my legs (her norm) but seems a bit freaked.

  I have reason to believe this is an inflicted injury done by her brother Spike.  Is it possible that this is something else?  A scabby cat thingie?  There are no other scabby areas.

  Thanks my friends for any advice you may give.


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Hi Melinda!  My mom has a cat that also has a funky area right above the tail.  He's an overweight red tabby.  There are lots of dandruff like flakes and a ton of hair.  I'm convinced that he's too "big boned" to reach it.  Without them being able to reach hair accumulates and the flakes.  Ours doesn't have scabs like your kitty does, though.  I'm thinking maybe your cats may be due to flea bites.  Or, you may be right about the other kitty picking on him. Is the other kitty the aggressor?  If so, then the boo boos would make sense because he would be running away-hence the injury to the rear end.
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Hey Zodiacqueen.

  I can't thank you enough for your helping with my Sookie's scabs problem.  Your advice was sound.

  It's not fleas for sure.  No flea dirt or both of them scratching like they have them.  There are just signs that Sookie's brother Spike got her good.  Their mama is the same way, just attacks the other kitties all of a sudden and then sweet otherwise.  Just glad all three of them are neutered.  My sister has their mama.

  So, as I told CML, Spike does get time outs, which he hates but we didn't see this go down between him and the Sook so can't punish him.  But she will.  

  Right now they're both asleep on our bed.  Go figure!

  Thanks again.



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Hi Slay,

Other than Sookie's condition , hope things are well with you and your partner.
First Spike could have been up to no good and bit or scratched Sookie causing inflammation and perhaps a bit of cellulitis:
The signs of Cellulitis is:tenderness to pressure, spot feels hot, hardness(,not as soft as the area should be), and change in color (redder than it should be. Check for enlarged lymph nodes and red streaks in the skin.
If this fits the bill than locate the infected area and clip the hair away and apply hot saline soaks 3 times daily( 1tsp salt to a quart of warm water.)

Second : When you part the hair on top of the tail is there a brown waxy material. If it is infected it will have a rancid odor and make the hair in the area very greasy. This is called Stud Tail and can effect  (Studettes) Their is a wash of Tar  and sulfur for this but check with your Vet before going any further. Could also be feline acne, folliculitis Inflammation of the hair follicles or  God knows a number of other skin conditions. I guess it best to have the vet take a look and a skin scrapping to diagnose properly.

.....and if you think I wrote all of the above from my brilliant mind, you'd be Soooooo wrong. I have a great book  "Cat Owners Home Veterinary Handbook". It has helped me out in a lot of situations.

Please let us know what is going on with Sooki after she is checked out--maybe give Spike a Time Out, LOL!

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Hey CML.

   Your sense of humor is a wonderful gift.  I just love it and need it too.  I'm always up for a good laugh.

  But I am so disappointed finding that you're not a genius in the kitty health realm.  Maybe you're wrong and you really know all of the great infomation you imparted to me about scabs on my Sookie.

  She is doing better in this regard.  There is but one spot left that has a new scab forming which is a good thing.  My wife checks her every day and I told her what I'd been told to check for and none of that is there.

  We'll still keep watching her closely.  For my part, I watch her behavior which has improved except toward Spike...she refused to eat in the same room with him yesterday.  Poor guy just doesn't get it.  Oh.  As for time outs he gets them from time to time.  It's the only way to deal with him sometimes.  Mr. High Maintenance Pants is being plotted against by Sookie.  He is clueless.  

  Thank you for your great advice and for taking time to answer my questions.  I am grateful.


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