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Scoop free litter pans

Do scoop free litter pans actually work a long time?  I have four cats and find it hard to keep up with three litter boxes.  Also, the litter dust bothers me, so I switch to pine litter sometimes.  I have a lot of sinus problems and some cat litters seem to make it worse.
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I have had mine for about 2 years and i just love it!!!!  I did have to introduce it to Snickers for a bit as they can get scared when the motor starts to sweep the litter but they get used to it quickly and it really doesnt make alot of noise.  Now he usually just sits there and waits for it!!!!
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We got one when they first came out, so maybe they've improved the design, but it quit working after agout 6 months. Now we have a covered litter box that you roll onto its top  & back & the dirty litter collects in a little drawer that you just dump. Don't have to plug it in or touch anything funky until it's time to clean the whole thing. I love it.
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