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Seizure in young female Cat (not emergency)


I would be very grateful for someones oppinion on the following.....

We recently adopted a young female Black Domestic Shorthair Cat, she is now 16 months old, & we've now had her for 4 months & she has settled in really well, & is quite a chatacter,

She came from a very well run Cat Sanctuary, & had been thoroughly checked over by their own Vet,& had  a clean bill of health, she was spayed, flea & worm treat & innocculated by them, We had her checked out by our own Vet within the first few weeks of her coming to live with us, & also had a Programme anti flea jab done for her, as we were told she did have a bit of a flea allergy, & as our other Old Cats have had this & we've found it worked well & we felt it a good idea for her too........Our vet  checked her over thoroughly at he time & said she is an extremely robust & healthy little Lady.

in the Early hours of Saturday morning, I was disturbed by a loud howl from her, I was feeling ill myself, so thankfully already awake & jumped out of bed & to find her in the hall outside my room,.... fitting,..... thankfully something I am very experienced with dealing with, so I didn't panic, but stayed with her & soothed her, whilst gently holding her down with a towel to stop her hurting herself , the fit was the bi lateral, typical bit of foaming at the mouth, & loss of bladder control & though obviously a bit freaked out, she recovered extremely quickly, I did ring our Vets emergency service, but they felt as she was by then bouncing around like nothing had happened, & showing no signs of any poisoning etc, & also it would of been very difficult for me to get he to them as I have Children & my Husband was away that night, & also the cost of the emergency service, they said to keep an eye on her & maybe bring her in today for a check up....... I also spoke with the Cats home she came from on Saturday as they obviously have vets & are very experienced with Cats, they suggested poisoning, possibly plants, but we have kept her in for the few days before this happened, as shes been cheeky & pulling the new plants out of our planters as she claimed it as a bed...lol......I should also add, that as we also have a pet Rabbit, who lives freely in our enclosed yard, we only have non toxic plants out there, & our Cat is quite timid & hasn't yet ventured further than the wall of our yard.....I've checked thoroughly in the house, & can't find anything idoors that she can get to, that could of caused this.

The last of our old Cats, Polly died just before Xmas, aged 20, & she was diagnosed as a true Idiopathic Epiletic, which started with her at  18months old, stopped for a few years between 4 8, & started again, she wasn't on medication, as 3 different Vets over her lifetime (we moved) felt as the fits were usually infrequent it was best monitored, & not treat, it did get more frequent near the end of her life, but she was by then also Hyperthyroid.

Our new Cat, Roxi, fitted in exactly the same way as our old Cat used to, but I know this to be very rare, so would be amazed if it turned out she also has the same type of Epilepsy.

She has had a tough little life so far, with 3 homes & a spell in the pen by only 1 year old & I think she sees the Cat basket as moving home again, she was completely freaked out when we took her to the Vets last time & hisses at the basket & runs off even if she sees it in the attic, so I am reluctant to do that to her without very good reason.

Shes very fit, bright eyed & bushy tailed & back to bouncing all over the house again, in between demanding food & cuddles,

What would your opinion be on this?

Thank You

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Sorry I forgot to add......

After a couple of weeks or so of her  arriving to live with us, we did have another incident, though I didn't actually see her fit, but instead I found her looking dazed, & acting odd, bum in the air, whining a bit, wet back quarters, & foam around her mouth, & very clingy with me, which was unusual at the time, as she favoured my Husband & Daughter, I did wonder at the time if she'd somehow managed to get up & chew on the leaves of a Christmas rose/Posietta) which had been moved out of reach, as we knew it was mildly toxic to animals
She was checked out by our Vet after this, with hind sight this could of been the aftermath of another seizure.
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Could you make a list for me of all the plants you have at home? Could you post it?

Honey I honestly don't think seizures are to be taken lightly. Tell me, has her brain been checked? Any MRIs or Scans? You probably did blood work, but blood work does not show whether there is a fracture in the brain, a leakage, or any other kind of issues. How do you know her central nervous system is 100% good? From what you've mentioned, I don't think the vets are going all the way and are taking this lightly when they should be looking deep into this. You, as the pet’s guardian, are even wondering what’s going on.  I know you are conforming to what they are telling you otherwise you would not be posting on here. You deserve answers. It’s your pet and they have to understand her well being is important for you. You NEED to demand better service dear.

Epilepsy has treatment......I don't understand why they don't have her on treatment for seizures, if this is one of those ongoing issues that never get resolved until the correct diagnosis is reached and treatment is provided.  Trust me…….seizures will continue, and will probably get more frequent if left untreated.

Take good care of her. Sounds like you've got a beautiful girly :-)
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*You probably did blood work, but blood work does not show whether there is a fracture in the SKULL*
Another thing.....have they checked for tumors in the brain? Pressure?
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Thanks PK, but sorry I think you may of misunderstood my post, (I'm English...lol)

it was my old Cat Polly who  died just before Xmas who was diagnosed as Idiopathic Epileptic when she was young, & was not on medication for it, which I was was more than happy with as all medications come with side effects, & no point in putting any creature through that without good reason, & as her fits weren't  frequent it was in her best interest not to be medicated, which as she was almost 21 when she died & extremely healthy big girl up until her last few months of life, her Vets obviously knew what they were doing, also MRIs are only done depending on the pattern, type & duration  of seizures to avoid as much stress as possible to the Cat, so initially its a diary, not an MRI unless theres obvious head trauma.

Also because of Polly, & also friend who is epileptic, I am very experienced with dealing with seizures, & you are right, they are not to be taken lightly, but  I've learned not to panic & also that its the length of the seizure & the recovery & how frequent that are the most import things to look out for, & in our new Cat Roxi's case all the signs were very good,..........  that doesn't mean I don't take my role as Guardian to my Pets seriously, just that I know that as the fit was very short, & she completely recovered very quickly then there was no real need to Panic, both the emergency  Vet, & the Sanctuary Staff agreed with that, but of course we are keeping a very close eye on her, & unless  things change, she will get properly checked out on Wednesday, but that won't be an MRI, as that would likely mean anesthetic, which is not something they do without very good reason here (UK) & probably not blood either, as again traumatic for the Cat, depending of course on how her signs are & how her organs feel

No plants in the house to list, & those in our yard are definitely safe, but shes not been out there for a few days anyway......, theres no chance of fracture to her skull, besides I would know if she'd had any such accident as it would of happened indoors,.........

I suppose my main reason for posting is to find out if Epilepsy is more common in Cats than I first thought,....... or if perhaps there are other reasons I hadn't thought of, our Vet is thinking its possibly something toxic, house hold cleaners etc, though I've to keep an eye for signs of illness/fever & bring her in immediately if she's not herself in any way .....I can't for the life of me think what shes been able to get her paws on though, as due to my own health problems & being chemical sensitive, we have very little in the house, & small Kids means its carefully shut away.

& yes she is really lovely, flat on her back, I swear with a big smile on her face purring away  next to me right now :-)
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Epilepsy is common in cats and dogs; but treatment for dogs usually makes them less active, sleepy, just not themselves.

Things are different here I suppose. In the United States, DVMs recommend all sorts of tests to reach a diagnosis and assess what type of treatment would be best for the cat.  My vet is always very cautious with my cats, and they would go to extremes to help me find out what is going on if it means the cat will have a definite diagnosis after all that stress. We even put our cats under general anesthesia for dental cleaning, and while it may be stressful and apparently unnecessary to the animal, it is only for their own benefit and well being. I even had my cat put under general anesthesia where he was opened up for a complete biopsy, so that organ tissues could be sent to a lab to reach a diagnosis. Had I not done that........I would have lost Abby. Abby did cry after surgery; but he is now as happy as can be. See? Things here are a bit different. And I guess if you are happy with how things are going then great. I can tell you love your cat.

I have not met one vet who has taken any type of seizure lightly. That is new for me; but then again I don't live in the UK :-)

Good Luck and let us know if you have any more questions.


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your right PK, Very different it seems, I suppose you get used to what you know, I'm probably equally as horrified at the idea of putting a Cast under & the risks that entails to have its teeth cleaned, as you sound at no treatment or immediate MRI for seizures.........

Vets here are generally reluctant to do anything in the way of tests that cause too much trauma to our pets & definitely not surgery unless all other simpler explanations have first been ruled out by observation, or blood tests etc, & then generally its only if the suspected outcome is something they can then successfully treat,...if not its symptom management........ you do get the odd Vet who works differently, though my Parents recently saw one who wanted to do all kinds of investigative tests including surgery on their elderly Abysinian, but they have pet insurance, & it soon became very clear that they were looking at bumping up the bill, I was horrified that they intended to open her up, when they hadn't even done a thyroid test, thankfully they listened & changed Vets

A second vet diagnosed hyperthyroid, just by looking at her, something I had suggested, as my own Cat at the time was hyperthyroid & had all the same symptoms, it was confirmed it with blood tests, & shes now on treatment & back to her old self again.

Well it looks like thankfully after a lot of research, I have found the likely culprit of Roxis seizure, Rosemary aromatherapy oil. causes convulsions in Cats.............& searching around the house, turns out somehow shes managed to get hold of a bottle out of my handbag & has been playing with it, I found it under the back of our bed, so shes obviously carried upstairs in her mouth,....I swear this Cat is actually a Dog in Cats clothing...lol

Last time round I was fairly sure she'd had a leaf off a Xmas plant that was way out of reach to a normal Cat, thankfully our Vet said it wasn''t very toxic, just irritant, so would cause foaming at the mouth.......  we found a leaf  on the floor in another room, I didn't see her fit, but wondered after seeing her this time, If I had been wrong last time......now looks like it was just a coincidence, & we are all going to b a lot more careful about locking EVERYTHING away, seems nowhere is safe from Roxi

I'm posting this link below, as I found it really useful, & thought someone else might too


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oh I am so glad you did find the source of the seizures and it can easily be eliminated!!!
that Roxi sounds like a real little dickens! lol
my Nemo was similar as a kitten, he had this urge to chew anything rubber...he would do his searches at night, in the mornings I'd find objects laying around that I didn't even remember having!!!...he'd even go into partially opened storage boxes in the basement on his quest.
you'll need to keep things well away from you're little hunter...we know curiousness can be detrimental.
have a good day and welcome to the forum
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Thank you Opus, I've got to admit, its a huge relief to have found a simple answer & 1 we can avoid in future, as much as I'm experienced in dealing with an epileptic Cat, so can cope & I wouldn't of given up on our old Polly for the world, but I'm really REALLY glad that I won't now have to do it again

I had to laugh at your Nemos rubber fetish, 1 of my Parents Cats is obsessed with rubber too, never brought a mouse or bird home, but always bits of rubber, they usually wake up on a Morning to find the floor littered with rubber bands, they've no idea where she gets so many from.....they did get worried though when she when through a phase of bringing in the rubber bits of car windscreen wipers, thankfully none of the neighbours complained, so they never found out where she got those either.

Our old Polly used to steal paper Money when she was young, she used to stash it in hiding holes, I once found £60 in chewed up £5 & £10 notes hidden behind the toilet systern

I'm learning/remembering fast though, its a long time since we;ve had a youngster in the house, so I'd partly forgotten how mischievous they can be....lol
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aww those are cute stories!!..my Nemo is an indoor cat so had to keep his compulsion within the house...but he too left pieces of chewed rubber all over the place. I remember another I had years ago as a kitten (opus) being obsessed with rubber bands (only) and we'd have to keep them hidden I was always afraid he'd swallow one...too bad Polly didn't just collect the money and leave unchewed...lol
I miss that kitten stage.
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