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Semi-anniversary for Teia

Today marks 7 1/2 years since Miss Teia joined out family.  Anita said she spent much of the afternoon with Teia in her lap. Missy T had some lap time with me when I got home from work.

She's had a treat of creamy sauce Fancy Feast tuna and is now napping near me on the couch.

She had a good patrol of her bushes in the front and side yards yesterday.  She's rediscovered her love of sleeping atop my shoes after I take them off.  She gets up and down the stairs just fine and keeps the boys under her paw.

I'm taking her in for her annual checkup next Thursday.  She is doing very well for her age and I think Doc Bennett will see the usual.

BTW, it is also 18 months for me since the surgery for pancreatic cancer.
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Congratulations to you both.  :)
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Teia has rediscovered the joy of her shoe fort.

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