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Signs of Separation Anxiety


I was trying to search online but I did not find anything helpful. I'll try to be very specific. Well I always thought that  cat following its owner was typical of them...just very normal. Then I started reading words like separation anxiety and now I am left with a question. How do I know if Abby is having that?

He obviously follows me around the house. When I'm gone, he wraps himself in my pijamas and purrs nonstop, and kneads as well. He meows when I leave.... I can hear him from outside. He eats when I'm there petting him. He'll even start purring and eating at the same time. He hates being picked up but he's always close where he can see me. This morning when my husband left he started crying at the door. I called him and he stopped crying, went to the room and started purring in the bed right next to my face. Wherever I go he goes....all the time.
He doesn't pee or poo in the bed or clothes but he does these others things. When we're at my parents house and I'm out, my mom calls me ...laughing at the cat because he is wrapped up in my clothes or kneading.

Would you call this separation anxiety? I did get him at a pet store, from a rescue group so he probably was separated from his mom at a very early age.  I don't know if this helps. I've always had outdoor cats. Abby is my first indoor and hat is why I thought that him following me around was pretty normal. I'm not worried. I'd just like to know a bit more-according to your experience- about separation anxiety to see if my cat is having this. It is always good to know stuff  :)

Thanks in advance!!!!!
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HI, glad that you posted, I was worried about you in Florida with that hurricane that just passed.  You alright?  Oh, by the way I've never heard of cats having separation anxiety.  I though this was a doggy thing.  I've heard of them destroying the house, crying, peeing and pooping on everything.  I  guress it's possible for a cat to suffer from this.  My first thought when I read this, was that Abby loves his parents, and doesn't want to be alone.  He knows he's got it good living with you.  He's probably appreciative that he's got a good life now, compared to what he had before-no telling what he went through before he went to the rescue group.  That also shows what an awesome person you are for rescuing a cat, instead of going to a pet store to buy one.  Wish everyone would do that!!  

Another possibility is that maybe Abby was taken from his mom and littermates too soon.  Cats that have been taken too soon, can become biters and "nursers"(good lord, just made up a word-LOL).  What I mean by "nursers", these are the cats that suck on you like they're nursing  I think cats that have been taken too soon would be more demanding of attention.  All of this is a wild guess.  I don't know this one from exerience.  Maybe, someone else can come up with some more ideas.

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The second paragraph was my favorite. I loved the "good lord, just made up a word' part LOL.
Well my friend, the hurricane...is still in Cuba. Those people are having it tough, no electricity, houses coming down...disaster. It's sunny and hot here and I was able to go to the beach yesterday yay!! It's not even raining.
........so you haven't heard about separation anxiety in cats? To me this is something completely new as well. He does act differently when I'm about to leave but I always assumed it's his way of letting me know he knows I'm leaving. Starts asking for more attention and does the chirrup thing. Then I read something about separation anxiety in cats but you can't trust the Internet these days now can you? and so I wanted to see if someone here had experienced this.

Thanks for your reply my friend....as always.....there when I need help...

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Well, I wish I could've been more of a help!!  Just haven't seen this.  Hope that someone else comes along that has more experience or has at least seen this.  I think you just have a sweet kitty that appreciates you.  I've heard that male cats are more afffectionate than females.  Have you heard that before?  And, Abby is a talker-I LOVE kittys that talk-I have had very few cats that talk.  My mom's got a cat that gets PO'd if you don't let him out or if you bring him in too soon-he'll start growling, talking, and hissing.  He even hisses when you yell at him, it is SOOOO funny.  My mom will say "don't you back talk me", and he'll hiss again.  Hilarious.

Well, anytime you need help, I'm there.  You are one of the sweetest people on this forum-always there to offer help or support.

Love Ya!!!!!!!!!
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Actually I have heard male cats are more affectionate than females, and they're also more willing to accept ALL members of the family and not just get attached to one specific person. I don't know if this is true. I do know that it doesn't apply to all cats out there. For instance, April's cat Misha is extremely loving.
Well Abby is a talker, like you said. Just minutes ago my cell was ringing while I was taking a shower. He went to the bathroom to let me know about the cell phone lol. He knows which cell belongs to who. If we're at my parents he'll know who to wake up  according to which alarm goes off. He is so funny.
Your mom's cat is really funny. I can picture the hissing and your mom's comments lol.

Lova ya toooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey, for a better visual of the "back talker" cat.  Picture a big, fat, white polar bear (he's about 25 lbs).  He is a big, huge, spoiled brat. He's a major talker, and he tries to get on everyone's shoulder.  But, if  he doesn't get his way-he will GO OFF!!  My mom's got 7 cats.  I've got my 15 yr old Skunkie.  Growing up we've always had 3 or more cats-usually MORE!!  We've gotten to know cats so well, that we can read their expressions and body language to know if they're sick or their mood.  They've had so many different conditions that we've had to deal with over the years.  So, when I see a prob. that we've dealt with or I've personally dealt with, then I will try to help others.

That is TOOO funny that your Abby let's ya know that your cell was ringing-LOL!!! I had one cat that would come in to visit me, while I am relaxing in the tub.  Then jump up on the ledge(WELL that would be fine and dandy if it was a modern tub-I've got the old fashioned tub with the thin sides and the 4 feet).  He had ALL 4 paws on the ledge, very thin edge, and started wobbling.  I knew right away that it would get ugly, and sure enough-SPLASH!!!  He was not a big fan of the tub anymore after that!!  He would still come visit me, but with both back legs on the floor-LOL!
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