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Skin (Biting)

We have three cats, which none have fleas.  We always have used the monthly flea treatment just in case.  They are both inside/outside cats, & of course gets their yearly shots.  Started a few months ago one has started acting as if something is constantly biting him.  He twitches his back muscles, bites at his back and chews on it (as if he had fleas).  We have inspected him many times and given him baths.   (I give my cats baths about 3-4 times a year)  There is no signs of irritation of any kind on his skin.  Both skin & hair seem very healthy.  I hate to see him act so uncomfortable.  Any idea what this may be?   (We usually go to our vet - but my husband has been layed off work)  Tks!
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Since the skin and fur seems healthy and you are treating for fleas, etc., I think that this is probably a nerve or muscle issue.  Especially since it is occuring exclusively on the back.

It could be as simple as a pinched nerve.  There are a lot of possbilites here, not necessarily serious.  When you can, if this continues, I'd have it checked out by a vet.

In the meantime, try Yucca root supplement, which has anti-inflammitory properties and make sure your cat is getting enough hydration (canned food along with wet and drinking water) - I don't think that dry skin is an issue here, but it's best to make sure.

Also, I'd cut out the baths (for all your cats, actually).  You aren't doing it frequently, so it probably isn't an issue, but shampoos dry out a cats skin and strip necessary oils and bacteria (yup, necessary bacteria).  There's no need to wash kitty, just wipe his fur with a damp  cloth if he gets into a mess, otherwise he'll be fine on his own!

Good luck.  Keep us posted.
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