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Sneezing and possibly dehydrated?

I have a year old kitten and he was fixed when we got him from the shelter. When we first got him, he had a respiratory infection, which is pretty common in shelter cats. We took him to the vet and they said it would probably come back, so when he started having sneezing fits for 5 or 10 minutes, I figured it was probably just to do with that. However, I've started to notice that his urine smells very strong lately. He is very good at using the litter box and his urine has never smelled before.

I've known and had many cats that have had kidney or urinary problems, so it makes me really worried. He has always had to drink water from the facet and won't drink out of a bowl for some reason. This has always been a concern and he seems to be more demanding about getting water lately. I'm wondering if he is dehydrated or something.

I was wondering if anyone had had similar problems or what it might be. I plan on making a vet appointment, but only if it's necessary. I'm a worrier and overreact sometimes to simple problems, so I just wanted some opinions.
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If his urine is getting strong, and he is possibly not getting as much water as he wants, definitely see the vet.
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It is necessary.  He needs a urinalysis at a minimum and probably also some blood work to check for kidney function.  
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