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So proud of Teia

I brought Teia into Doc Knilans for the Elder Kitty blood work today.

Getting her into the carrier was a bit of a task and she registered her complaints as the car started the drive, but she settled down within several minutes.

I had to turn the carrier door side down to get her out, onto the examining table once Doc was ready to see her...what a still, sweet, good girl she was, even while Doc combed out some heavy undercoat.

At one point, while Doc stepped out of the room to get the "drawing area" set, Teia was practically on her back resting easy.

Doc had no trouble picking her up and I heard no squawks whatsoever during the procedure.

Her results will be ready Friday afternoon when I bring Hildie for her 1st post-Insulin blood sugar check.
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Way to go Teia!!!

  Hope all tests for your babies are good!   You and your wife are such wonderful pet owners~~

Still no kitty for me.  Not sure i am ready yet or maybe i am just fooling myself??  I miss my boy something terrible yet.
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We still miss Kessie something fierce, as I've been packing I'll come across a picture or other something...but, she lives on in fond memory.

You've got a lot of love to share with a furper, the time will come when you are ready.

Take care and thank you!
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Way to go Teia!! Shows her trust in you to stay so calm during this visit!
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How awesome is that!  Teia is really coming along.

Dominosarah:  I thought I wasn't "ready" after my previous cat died, too, and was without a cat for three years.  Three years was definitely too long.  I ended up being a nervous wreck with not having a precious kitty of my own to love.
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