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Teia: 2 weeks shy of 2 years

Miss Teia Honey will celebrate her 2nd anniversary with us 2 weeks from today.

Last night we had a near breakthrough...

Teia and Hildiekatt have been eating their breakfast and supper together for several months...
...the food "platforms" are now just outside the bedroom and are touching, so Teia and Hildie are just 6" or so apart as they eat.

...I was petting Teia before food, which she has been demanding the past few months (loves to have her ears and chin scritched) when Hildie walked up to us.  They stretched out their necks and did a kitty version of the Hollywood "air kiss," came within 3" of touching noses.

Hildie likes to go in Teia's room and sit on the window seat when Teia is napping under the nightstand.

I'm thinking, Teia and Hildie on the window seat together by summer's end.

Goes to show, again, no companion animal is unreachable, no matter how old (Teia was 10 1/2 when we took her in) or previously unsocialized.

Do a search for Teia as the keyword to see her full story.
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Hahaha...love the "air" kisses.  3 inches - that is close!  And I think you're right, Pip, Teia and Hildie will be sittin' together in just a few months.  I can't wait to see that!
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...and meant to say "welcome home!"  Glad your mom is well - congrats to your sister and of Course your g. nephew is fabulous!
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Pipa I just love your stories. Go kitties!
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Thanks!  Good to back under my own roof. =)

Mom had all 4 of us home for the first time since last July, I live furthest away at 18 - 20 hours for the drive, my brother is 6 hours (northern PA), my younger sister is 1 hour and my other sister (the new graduate) is about 10 minutes...

Mom will have a lot of joy come August, my second eldest niece is expecting right around the middle of August.  Ultrasound shows a little girl, who will be named Zoe Michelle.

My wife and I will be going back this fall, to see the baby and attend her 30th College reunion in Vermont.  We both went to Norwich, the military college up there.

It was a good visit...haven't had any anxiety attacks in over 2 weeks.
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Heya, thanks!

At times life can get to be real gloomy for me.  Helping Teia has been a big help to me in my dealing with depression and anxiety.

I think she, and the other kitties, will continue to be a source of joy and inspiration.
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aww Pip, so nice to get together with family...makes me envious for I've no one left anywhere near me.. -(
our kitties are our companions and give us that unconditional love, they help us through many a tough spot, mine are my reason for getting up on any given day...
glad you have their support and inspiration, we give and they return in buckets...-)
best to you and the 'gang' miss Teia will surpass all our expectations..just goes to show what love and patience can do.
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Oh, Pip, I didn't realize you've been suffering so.  You go on lots of trips which impresses me - that must be difficult to make yourself go sometimes.  But you have a large loving family waiting for you and that must help.  You've been so great for Teia and she, you, it sounds like.  You two understand and need each other.  I'm keeping you in my prayers the panic attacks are gone for good and the depression stays manageable.  I sure understand all that.  *Hugs*
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Well, not suffering so much as enduring... =)

It IS a fight, and I do feel beat up sometimes, but never beat down.

There are days when my energy is such that I get up go to work, come home and play solitaire or mahjong until bed time.

The trip home was a good endcap to that, at least for now.

I expect the fight will continue so long as I breath, but I'm nowhere near giving up, too much to live for rather than just survive.

Thank you for caring!!!
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If it makes you feel any better I, too, fight fires and feel beat up at times. I think it is always up to us to make things better FOR us. Every time you think you've fallen just pick yourself up and keep walking. I try to do the same :-)
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You are so right, PK.  It's up to US to make things better for ourselves.  To learn how to be self soothing and not count on others for our happiness.  
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I need to learn how to become self soothing. Never been good at it. Can't be too hard though....
242912 tn?1402543492
I was never good at it either, honey.  It's taken me my entire life to figure it out.  
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Pip...thanks for the updates on miss teia and the rest of your life.  I've told Jade and now will tell you that when I have a dark night and cant sleep or am missing my son...will come here and pull up pics of friends' kitties.  You cannot imagine how much it helps to see them and get updates on how they are doing. I have followed your account of miss teia from her bunker days..and agree that patience and love will win event he most 'feral' of kits over!

As I am retired and have had two hard life events since 2007, am slightly reclusive.  Lucky for me, a kitty always finds me if I am patient.  Right now, my companion is Diego.  He just walked in my back door one day and stayed...Diego loves having his human all to himself.  Tolerates dogs and other cats.  But I would get him a friend if I felt he was lonely.

His former owner gave me his background after I had taken him to vets twice for injuries...so in the mysterious way of cats, he slipped into my life at a time when I needed him.

I understand about the good and not so good days.  With depression and anxiety it is an ongoing challenge, which our kits help us with.
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