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Teia update 10 May 18

Miss Teia had rough days Monday and Tuesday, straining and straining to poop, but no output. She vomited from the effort Monday afternoon and lost her appetite. This has happened before, so we waited, but Wednesday morning nothing looked like it was improving, got her to the vet shortly after they opened for the day. They kept her for the day and treated her.

Miss Teia is a little bruised in the dignity department, but draped over my thigh as I type.

She was impacted, as it looks like her body is too efficient in removing moisture from her solid waste. Sub-Q fluids and a little other help got her unclogged. Will start up the Miralax again.

Overall Doc Ironmonger was pleased with her condition, weight is holding, hydration fine, BP is normal, temperament was serene, coat is healthy...

Doc called with blood work results this morning: overall, condition is stable from 6 months ago. Mild hyperthyroid (so we will restart the thyroid cream), 2 main liver numbers (1 a tick high, the other normal), 2 main kidney numbers (1 a tick high, the other normal) so no liver or kidney medicine right now and her blood counts looked good.

Doc agrees with giving Teia the help that she will accept.

Teia has had a good appetite today.

Only 32 days until her 21st birthday.
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I'm glad they got rid of the problem. I can remember going through something like this with my infant son, oh dear, did he cry when we tried to pick out a compacted piece of stool with a tongue depresser. We were all so thrilled when it came popping out and everything behind it was normal.

Congrats to the girl on attaining her ripe old age.
Only concern now is once every couple of weeks she is passing blood clots in her pee, did that tonight.

Doc said it likely a side effect of the early stage kidney failure. All we can do is give her the help she will accept and love on her.
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Looks like Teia had a go of it last week.   Thankfully she was able to get unpacked and no doubt, feels much better.    

Except for the Kidney Failure.  Those SubQ fluids must make quite a difference in how she's feeling also!  The reinstatement of the thyroid creme should help even more.   Fingers crossed at least.

A lap cat?  Aw, Daddy's girl. :)  Scritches to Missy T, and hugs to you, Anita, and the boys~
We've tried giving her subq at home. It's very stressful for her.
Teia won't stay still for us more than 5 - 10 seconds.

She will eat the food into which we put Miralax, so I think that is helping at the end of the digestive cycle.

Plus, Teia has always been a water drinker. She normally has from 1 - 1 1/2 cups of water every day.
I remember you giving the Subq fluids a good shot at home.  

27 more days until her 21st b.d.!  :)
I am happy to see that your Teia is doing well. We had to do SubQ for our baby, he was only 9.  We did it for 6 months. Looking back I can see it really helped him so much! He was our baby and we were going to do anything we could to save him. At first I didn't think he would be still so we wrapped him in a towel to settle down for the fluids. As time went on, he would just lay down, wouldn't
move. It was as if he knew it was helping him.  Good luck to you.
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Since Miss Teia's vet visit her systems seem to be working fine.
She's even wanted to go Outside and patrol her Garage again.
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She's a lucky girl to have such a caring person to watch over her health in her senior years.
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I couldn't agree with Annie more.  
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Fingers crossed, Missy T has had systems normal since that last vet visit and no blood clots.

Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of her adoption day.
Oh...so happy to hear this!! Happy Birthday Missy T
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