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Three legged cat with arthritis

I have a thirteen year old cat with severe arthritis in his front legs, especially the left one.  He had a rear leg removed over seven years ago, and has always walked with a bad limp since then.  His legs are stubby and I blame that for the hard time he has walking.  His front leg angles out at the middle joint, and is very painful to him.  I tried DVM Feline Joint Gel two years ago, but stopped because he would throw up after taking it.  Our vet says you can't give a cat pain meds because it affects their kidneys.  I've been giving him massages, and he loves it, but cries when I pick him up
Before I try the Bayer Joint Gel again, is their anything different anyone has had any luck with for arthritis?  
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Try avocado soybean unsaponifiables formulated specifically for cats.  (They also make them for humans.) I don't have any particular recommendation for a brand, but one is called Dasuquin. Ask your vet about this approach.
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Something similar is a glucosamine/chondroitin combination. Again, be sure it's formulated for cats. In humans, both the avocado-soybean unsaponifiables approach and the glucosamine/chondroitin approach seem to have about equal effectiveness.

While talking to the vet, also check about prednisolone is not being considered. It's a steroid and often given to dogs, maybe it's not done that much in cats? But it reduces inflammation.
about *why* prednisolone is not being considered
I'm going to check out Chewy for the Dasuquin, and  will call the vet tomorrow about prednisolone.  Our other cat was on it for years for IBD, I can't see why it couldn't be tried for this one, even if it was just for a short while.  Thank you for the ideas
You're welcome, hope they help. Let us know what the doctor said about the prednisolone.
Took Spencer to the vet this week, they wanted to do blood tests before they would prescribe any meds.  Tests results came back good, so he is on Metacam once a day for five days, and then on an as needed basis.  It will be hard to determine the as needed part, because he always walks bad and is laying down more now, but I am glad he is at least on something.  I also have him on CatMX, which is a joint supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin in it.  I agree that prednisolone would probably do a better job on inflammation, but it was never offered.
Good luck to him! When the vet checks how Spencer is doing on Metacam, there is no reason you couldn't ask specifically why not prednisolone.
I will do that, IF they call.   Thanks
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