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Unbelieveable Cat Dentistry Fees

I am to be charged by my vet (in Tabernacle, NJ)  $1400 which includes one day hospital stay, presurgery blood workup, 3 tooth extractions and "gingivital flap" work,  pain pills, anesthesia, dentistry work.
I was pretty unpleasantly surprised but my husband was flabbergasted and not happy at all.
This seems excessive, no?  My cat is about 8 years old, eats well and seems happy.   Vet says he is probably feeling some pain often after eating and that it will just get worse.
Thoughts?  Should I get a second opinion/fee from another vet?
PS  $1400 was low-end; estimate also said it could go as high as $1800!
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Hello Doris and welcome to our cat forum.  I would most definitely get a second opinion.  Just the low end is outrageous.  Animal dentistry IS quite expensive, but shouldn't be anywhere near the quote you've been given.  It will also depend on the location of the vet.  A high end neighborhood will be more expensive for obvious reasons.  Also, I have a vet hospital down the street with all the newest equipment, etc, so they are much more expensive than my little vet where I've taken my kitty for years where, in my experience, have received a better quality of care.  

Jade's last dental bill came to $517.  That doesn't include the pre blood work up though, but still.  I think the most we've paid in the entirety for a cleaning which has always involved several tooth extractions was in the $800 range.
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I just reread your post and the high cost may be due to the Gingivital Flap work.  I'm not sure what that encompasses, but if it means pulling the gums back instead of a simple cleaning, this may be where the extra cost comes in.  Also, if you mean your boy will be staying one day as in 24hrs instead of just morning to evening, then your quote would make better sense.  Still, I would get a second opinion...
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yes i would get a second opinion... but it also depends on what you have done. i rescued a 14 year old cat and i had to get 9 teeth pulled out and it still didnt come to a 1000 and im not far from NJ im in Manhattan NY.... so im not sure why yours came out to over 1000....
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