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Update: Kitty isn't coming home :(

I'm sorry I keep bringing on the bad news. I wish I could tell you all that everything resulted as planned. Abby has developed an abscess and they once again had to sedate him and take care of that. Doctors do not feel comfortable sending him home and will call me with an update tomorrow, Tuesday. He is stable and doing fine, they said. But then again they always say the same thing, and then call and tell me he is not healing. I wonder what the heck is going on with my cat. Why can't he heal already?

Any ways; I will post again when I receive different news, I guess.

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Oh no!  Oh, honey, you must be so very disappointed.  Really sad to read this.  I'm so very sorry to hear an absess formed.  Well, Abby couldn't be in a better place and he'll be watched round the clock so try not to worry.  Easier said than done, I know :(   You just want your boy to come home.  

Please don't say sorry.  You are just telling the facts as they are.  We all want to know how Abby is whether it's good or bad news.  Of course, we always hope for good.  Keep posting Baby Girl.  We are all here for you.  None of us could possibly feel worse about this bad news than you do.  

I'm praying so hard and hope Abby heals and comes home soon.
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He's been through a lot, that's for sure. He's a young, strong cat, though. He'll get through this, PK. Just one more hurdle.
We're praying and rooting for Abby to come home and be completely healed! God bless you guys.
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Oh I am so sorry for your continued heartache dear...you and that poor boy, man he's had it all hasn't he...but I agree he is one strong kitty and will overcome.
Praying for you as always and thanks so much for the update.....
Jade said it all so well for us.
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Oh no, bless his heart, Abby, and you.  We will wait for some good news on him today.  We are all here for you and Abby.  Prayers on the way.
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Abby will be fine to participate from Loreena's party, when she got one...
He's the first invited ... Kisses,dear
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Got a call from the vet at the emergency center. Abby is still having some discharge, so they will keep him in today. Because the doctor did not explain to me why my cat wasn't healing (Really, all they do is tell me he doesn't want to follow the rules and that he is special and blah blah blah) I called Abby's vet today. The vet will call me back today. I just want a second opinion. Why is he not healing? I need answers and I'll get the somehow. I'm sure Abby's vet will give me what I need. Even though they are not treating him, they get the reports from the emergency hospital every day. They know what is going on. And they are very good. So I'll be waiting on that call today, to finally get some answers and see if there is something I should be doing or could do to help with the situation.

I may be getting free service, but I still have the right to know why my kitty isn't doing well. I'm even scared that they may not be doing a good job. But if I start to think about that it will not help the situation and I'll just get worse emotionally. And I'm already a train wreck as it is.
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