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Update on Pregnant Cat who Adopted me!

Well we have named her Blue!

Only problem is Blue escaped from the house while we were gone and had her kittens under my neighbors shed!! I can't get to them to move them back into the house so it is basically a waiting game for them to get old enough to follow her out.

I am so angry at her for doing this!!
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Ooh, that is frustrating!  There's no way to get under there?  

You'll just have to do the best you can then.  I hope it isn't cold out where you are!  

Does blue come home for food and stuff?  Maybe she'll move her kittens home.  Sometimes mama cats move their kittens after they are born, if the place where they are doesn't seem safe enough.  I've seen a mother cat move her kittens more than once, trying to satisfy herself as to their security.  

So, try to keep an eye out to see if she moves them to a more accessible location.

Good luck.  Keep us posted :)
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i had a cat that when she had her kitten (she was enormous we thought she was having at least 8 kittens....but only had one enromous kitten) she moved him at least 6 times before she was happy with his "home" (which ended up being a box in my closet). so maybe she'll move her babies home. if not when they  do get big enough to follow her out just scoop em up and take em inside. then let her move them around in the house till she finds a spot she's happy with.
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No I tried several different ways to get to her kittens but with no luck!  She does still come home to eat and drink so there is still hope that she will move them closer to home where we can get to them.

If not I will wait until they are big enough to follow her out and scoop them up. They will be in the house as soon as I can reach them.
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When I spent a week at my in-laws back in December, a cat had her kittens in the yard but she hid them so well I couldn't get to them. I did feed her but she'd never come out and get the food. She'd wait for me to leave to then eat the food. She then moved the kittens.

So yes, sometimes mama cats move their babies after they're born. I hope she'll bring them home soon. But if not, she'll do so when they start walking and following her. They'll come to you. Keep feeding her good as she'll need all the calories she can get to stay alert and strong to care for her babies. If we don't know how many kittens she had, it's best to give her lots of nutritional goods. Maybe it was too soon for her to trust you guys enough to have her babies in the house. Just give her lots of love and she'll bring them to you.
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