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Update on cat losing fur and weight

Well it turns out that she has flea dirt so the doctor just gave us some flea medicine.  DH and I didn't see fleas so we didn't think that would be the problem.  The vet said that and also the new puppy was probably wearing on her nerves.  DH and I are going to try to feed her in a room that's far from where the puppy hangs out and hope that helps with the eating.  I have to call the vet in the morning because he gave me flea medicine for cats that weigh 9.1lbs-18lbs.  Our cat is only 7 lbs.  The girl that weighed her forgot to subtract the weight of the cat carrier.  The vet didn't know that.  :-/  Anyone know if there may be any problems related to the flea medicine seeing as it's made for heavier cats?
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I talked to the vets assistant yesterday and she said that Roomba is close enough to the 9.1lb weight that the flea medicine shouldn't harm her in any way.  Thank goodness!  Thank you all for your insight and advice about what might be going on with our little girl.  I tend to get really nervous when it comes to our animals.  You just can't be too sure.  Thank you all again!
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Well, I have two cats, right? One of them experienced side effects to flea treatment. The other one was fine all the time. Side effects: Redness, itchy skin, and hair loss. The third month everything was fine. But he did experience side effects. The product is Revolution, but it works beautifully!
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