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Update on foster kittens

Judy and Emily have both been adopted.  Wanda and her litter of 7 are still with me.  The babies are pretty much weaned but she still lets them nurse occasionally.  I think it is more a comfort thing though, both for her and the babies, and she really doesn't have any milk left.  She got pretty skinny while she was nursing, so I am now trying to get some weight back on her.  The babies eat like each meal is their first and their last.  The biggest one (Toto) is just over a pound.  He isn't the largest of them, but he is the heaviest and quite muscular for such a young kitten.  I think he is going to be one big cat when he grows up.  The 2 female brown tabbies that look like mama are the smallest.  They eat pretty well, but they are gaining and losing the same ounce or so over and over again.  Bobo, who was originally the runt, is now bigger than those 2 females.  They all seem quite healthy and active though, so not too concerned with the slow weight gain.  I've had other just weaned fosters in the past that have been the same way but eventually they all caught up to their siblings, just took a little longer.
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Hey Nancy, nice update.  Great to hear Emily and Judy were both adopted.  Yay!  (Jade is here on the desk with me - the backspace key rattles and she is Very interested).  I am beginning to see from your posts that it's fairly normal to gain and lose that same ounce.  They'll be fine under your great care - they always are.  Sounds like it's mama cat who is of concern right now, but I know she'll be fine with you.  

Great job as always, Nancy!  Lotta work.
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