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Volunteering at the Cat Adoption Team...

Hi everyone, I'm tired but happy.  I meant to go to the library today, and instead drove tot he Cat Adoption Team.  I met nice people, wonderful cats, and bought two shirts.  I met several volunteers, and the volunteer coordinator.  I just finished filling out my on-line volunteer application.  :o)

I fell in love with a kitten named Roka, who was listed as being born on June 16; that's the day Fluffy died!  RoKa is a sweet and lively little grey short-hair.  At first glance she appears a solid grey, but then you notice some subtle tabby striping on her side.  I tried to take her picture, but she was so lively... well, I'll post the picture I managed, as well as those on the CAT website that don't do her justice.  I ended up taking a short video.  I took another of Penn and Teller, a bonded pair; one an orange tabby, the other black as night.  What a comedy routine!

I came home grinning.  I may not be adopting yet, but seeing and interacting with and helping these cats and kittens will be good for my soul.  One of the shirts I bought is for my roommate; I sent her the video of Roka, too.  Next I'll see if she'll go volunteer too; you see my devious plan to encourage my roomate to fall in love with a cat or cats and want to adopt....

I've indicated an interest in fostering, either pregnant cats, kittens, or adult cats, as well as caregiver at their facility. I'll get more information as soon as my application is accepted.  They have an orientation this weekend. The class is full, but the coordinator told me that there are often cancellations.  If not this weekend, then in a couple of weeks!

Full day; I finished an order for some earrings this morning, went shopping, then spent quite a bit of time at CAT.  I need to rest.

Good day; life is good.
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YES, you should volunteer.....it is great for the soul!!

I know, because I've been volunteering at a dog rescue place.  I decided to volunteer at a dog place, because I figured I wouldn't be as tempted to bring every doggy home  like I would cats.  Well, ya think that happened?  I've been there for a few months now, and got massively attached to 3 dogs!!!  LOL

Really, you should volunteer.  It makes you feel awesome about yourself making a difference in their lives, especially when you help to turn around a skittish, sick, or gain an abused animals trust again.  There's nothing like it in the world!!!

PS-The rescue group I work for is called First Hope a sister company to Hope For Life in Va Beach.  Hope For Life is a non-kill shelter and can be found on the web!!
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Well great for both you girls!!!! thats wonderful of you to do what you are doing....
I just don't know how you can not come home everyday with an arm load?...
FM..the fostering is such a tremendous idea....to be of help to those most in need just has to be a most selfless thing to do, I commend eveyone thats able to do this so much....CONGRATULATIONS!!
p.s. the pics are darling....tho can't say I've ever seen an ugly cat or dog...but some are just more special aren't they...the right one will be yours again one day perhaps soon?...work on that roommate.♥
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